Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fun Flower Faces

Stage Makeup class was completed last Thursday. It was a fun class, for each time my face ended up looking quite different! It's amazing how much you can do to your face using highlight and shadow, or in the pictures below, color and texture!

Using a picture I found in a magazine of a branch of pink dogwood, I applied 4 of the flowers to my face for my "make your face look like flora" assignment. It was fun to work on, but took quite a long time! My teacher had the good idea to put one flower each over my eyes, which turned out looking pretty neat!

For my final makeup, the "picture perfect" I chose a picture of a purple pansy that my teacher had flagged in my makeup morgue (a collection of magazine clippings and pictures - mine ended up filling two 2" binders!) as being possible for the assignment. Since I had completed the number of makeup assignments needed, I did this, my final in the class, early, so that I wouldn't have to stay and do it on Saturday afternoon during the finals period. The goal was to make my face look as much like the flower in the picture as possible, not entirely possible given the fact that my face has a nose, eyes, and lips to work with! It took 3 hours to complete, but I enjoyed working with the pretty purple color, and the fact that I was painting a flower made it fun.

The makeups looked better in real life than they do in the pictures, but I thought you might enjoy seeing them just for fun. Yes, I actually got college credit for painting my face every week!


Nella Camille said...

It is neat how in the different pictures, the colours used bring out different shades of your eyes. Neat, Anna!

The Bantering Bookworm said...

Wow! That is pretty fantastic. Was it difficult to paint your own face with that much detail?

Anna Naomi said...

The Bantering Bookworm: Yes, these were difficult, and each took around 3 hours to complete! But, my teacher had some good suggestions, and by studying the picture and trying to apply it, it wasn't too extremely hard, but very time consuming.