Saturday, March 28, 2009

Men on Modesty

Recently Becca recommended that I "ask some boys and young men to put their opinions on make-up, clothes, and other stuff." While we welcome all men who read this blog to comment with their thoughts on each post, the main focus of this blog is women, so right now I don't feel led to launch an attempt to get men to come and share their thoughts here.

However, there are many other resources out there that I have enjoyed gleaning from. Reading many things online has helped me understand men a little better, although we must remember that all men are different and will hold different views.

The Modesty Survey put out by The Rebelution is one of the best resources on the topic. The survey covers many different things, from jeans and skirts, to makeup and jewlery, to posture and movement. All of the questions came from girls who were wondering what men thought about the certain things. The many different answers show the diversity of men out there, while the percentages show which items men tend to have more trouble with. The text comments were very insightful, and the respect the men showed was very encouraging. It is a blessing to hear from men who appreciate modesty!

Is This Modest? is a collaborative website by men and women all about the topic of modesty in many different situations. There are posts about "Inside a Guy's Mind" and Quick Reviews of many different types of outfits. I have really enjoyed following this website and seeing what men and women think about certain things, where they differ, and where they agree.

Empowered Traditionalist recently posted 2 articles from a guest gentleman. You can read them here: 10 Things Guys Love About Girls Part 1 and Part 2. Again, this won't reflect the mindset of every gentleman, but it does give an interesting perspective on what some of them appreciate.

Pearls and Diamonds has started a column by men called "His Perspective." One column went up for Valentine's Day entitled His Perspective on Respect.

I hope the above has given you some interesting things to think about! The best men to go to for advice, however, are the Godly men near you: your father, brother, and/or trusted family friend or pastor.

If you know of a resource from a man's perspective that has helped you, please share it in the comments section!


Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

I agree! The Rebelution is the best place for "a guy's point of view" on modesty.

An Ethereal Forest of Stars said...

Thanks for posting these helpful and insightful links!

I just wish more women and teen girls in the world knew that not all men are worldly men who only want their bodies for carnal reasons; but that there ARE godly men who follow Christ as their Lord and who respect women, their bodies, walks with God and their modesty. I'd love to repost these links :).

Anna Naomi said...

An Ethreal Forest of Stars: Feel free to repost these links if you would like to. I certainly don't own them. =)

Anonymous said...
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