Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flowers in the Rain

As I walked to class this morning, I came upon these beautiful azaleas that were drooping down because of the rain of the day and night before. Immediately the chorus of the song "Flower in the Rain" by Jaci Velasquez came into my head:

"So, here I am again,
Willing to be opened up and broken like a flower in the rain.
Tell me, what have I to do to die and then be raised,
To reach beyond the pain, like a flower in the rain?"

These flowers were drooping and bruised by the rain, yet they still showed beauty and strength through it all. And now that they rain has stopped, at least for a little while, they are again turning their blossoms towards the sky and recovering from the downpour of the day before.

What do you do when faced with storms in your life? Do you give up and crumple, overwhelmed? Or do you take the bruising and "reach beyond the pain" to the One, our Savior, Who is able to give you the strength to recover and learn from the experience?

It's something to ponder. My prayer is that, in times of testing, I will be like a flower in the rain.


Katie said...

I've never heard the song before, but the words are neat! I love your blog:)!

Anna Naomi said...

I actually choreographed and danced a solo to this song when I was around 12 years old. It's a beautiful song.

Tina said...

Great post.
It truly is during the hard times in life that we're able to feel God carrying us in the palm of His hand and experience Him in a new way that shows us more of the depth of His personality and His love for us. (When we went through the tornado last year, though it wasn't nearly as traumatic as it could have been, it was an amazing time of experiencing God in our lives.)
Thanks for the great post.

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