Saturday, March 07, 2009

Come What May - The Movie

Coming soon is an exciting new film called "Come What Mays" It was made mostly by students from a new Christian film company, Advent Film Group. The movie is about purity, the sanctity of life, and the importance of doing what's right... come what may.

This movie is being released to DVD nationwide on March 17th by Provident Films, the same company that distributed "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof".

I heard about "Come What May" through the blogosphere and was encouraged to hear about the film and the process of making it at the Christian Filmmakers Academy in January. George Escobar recently emailed us to let us know that the film is being released nationwide, and to encourage you all to get involved.

I haven't seen the film yet, but have heard many good things about it and hope to see it as soon as possible.

See the links below for more information and a trailer.

Also, the link below will take you to a movie review.

It's encouraging to see how God is using aspiring culture changers from many different places!


Miriam Rebekah said...

I saw the movie when they had it on Godtube for a short time.

It's really good and I do recommend it.

I'm so glad they're releasing it to be bought. I've been waiting.

Lauren said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! My husband and I loved Facing the Giants and Fireproof and we're excited to see more and more movies put out by Christians! I will be looking for this movie!

atara said...

I hope gets this movie! We get all our movies from there.

Ella said...

I would like to see this one. I didn't have the chance to see it on Godtube.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anna and Miriam for the post about COME WHAT MAY.

I'm happy to answer any questions about the movie. Just post a comment here and I will post a reply.

George Escobar
co-director/producer - COME WHAT MAY

Anonymous said...

I really would like to see this movie. Is there anywhere I can rent or buy it? I'm also trying to find the Widow's Might. I would very much appreciate help on how to get these movies. Thank you.(:


Anna Naomi said...

Lindsey: You can buy Come What May from their site at Or you can buy it from CBD:

You can go to to pre-order The Widow's Might.

Hope you enjoy both of the movies! I've seen and enjoyed them both!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anna.


Jason said...

I gave the movie to a young (20)Christian women with a Muslim father from a former very closed communist country. She liked the movie and not sure if her dad saw it but at least he can see a Christian woman dating in the proper setting instead of establishing her worth in how she looks and who her boyfriend is. This guy has three daughters and I am sure he is constantly dealing with young men calling. Pray that the girls can maintain purity in this culture and Christ finds this man. Like the website, just found it tonight and wil let the girls know when they are walking there dog by.