Sunday, March 08, 2009

Celebrating Spring

The springtime has come in full force, and I am praising God for the beauty He has placed all around us. After the snow (yes, snow!) last week it is amazing to see how the weather has so drastically changed and become so pleasant.

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January, we got a break from classes and had the opportunity to participate in service projects in the community. I was with the group that planted bulbs around Belhaven campus. Now all of the tulips and narcissus flowers that we planted are blooming, and it is so pretty!

Yesterday I spent quite a few hours outside studying, and I'm about to head outside to do some more. To capture the beauty, Mary-Khris and I spent time after lunch today taking pictures in the lovely outdoors. I have many pictures that I will enjoy sharing, but instead of doing it all at once, I decided to make a "celebrating spring" series this week. So this week, look for a lot of pictures coupled with Bible verses and other quotes as we celebrate the wonder of God's creation together!


Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Flowers do make it seem like spring is near! They are very beautiful! It's amazing to see all of the different aspects of God's creation.

Ella said...

You make me rather envious. We don't have any blooms up yet. And we had a freakish sort of blizzard--snow coming down in sheets for like ten minutes.....but then the sun came out. Anyway, I am so ready for spring, so you enjoy it for me!

Anonymous said...

The flowers are great... Winter has returned to Minnesota, bringing with it cold drafts and fresh snow.