Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nathan Clark George Article

Franklin Springs Family Media recently released a new documentary called "Pull up a Chair" about the life of Nathan Clark George, a traveling musician. The Charlottesville Daily Progress recently published an article about the man and the film. Below is a snippet:

George’s music, as well as his family’s lifestyle, is the subject of a recently released DVD from Franklin Springs Family Media. The 90-minute documentary, “Pull Up a Chair,” features a 30-minute segment of five days in the family’s life as they travel from Colorado to Kansas, followed by an hour of George performing in concert.

The film presents both the joys and disadvantages of life on the road.

. . .

“My goal in all this is really quite simple,” George said. “I want to encourage folks to come in contact with the scriptures.

“Certainly, I want people to come in contact with Christ, but I’m not an evangelist. To be honest, the whole aspect of faith for me comes with hindsight. When I look back I realize how much I can trust that God is going to take care of us.

“Sometimes I worry, that’s just who I am. But I do trust that God is in control, so I take the next step to the next gig, and we trust that things will work out the way they’re supposed to.

Read the whole article here.

It's encouraging to read testimonies of how other believers are following the Lord as He leads. Each one of is led on a slightly different path, and it's beautiful to see the diversity of how people are using their gifts to glorify the Lord.


Lydia said...

Thank you for this post. It encourages me. God does work in our lives in different ways. I like this author's simplicity and trust in God.

Anonymous said...

I've seen "Pull Up A Chair" and It's a good documentary! (Make sure to look at his songs and all the "extras" on there as well!) :)

Anonymous said...

Hey very nice. We went to one NCG concert with John and Miriam.