Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Narnian Air

Last Saturday, my roommate Mary-Khris and I enjoyed going to the "Disney With a Swing" dance the Joshua Squad hosted at our school.

For the dance, we were all supposed to dress up like a character from a Disney movie. It was fun to see all the different characters that showed up, from lions to sea creatures. Mary-Khris and I weren't quite sure what to dress up as. We wanted to go as people from the same movie if we could. So, we headed over to the theatre costume shop and ended up finding costumes that were somewhat Narnian in apprearance.

Not exactly like the Narnain costumes, but somewhat of the same style!

Mary-Khris was the adult Queen Susan and I was the adult Queen Lucy from the end of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."

The picture from which we took our inspiration. So we didn't match identically, but Mary-Khris had Susan's dark hair, and I had the more reddish hair of Lucy.

There were really pretty decorations at the dance from different Disney movies. This one was for "Sleeping Beauty," but it looks like it could be from Narnia!

It was fun to be with friends and enjoy learning some swing dancing. We were tired though, so didn't stay until midnight - only 11 p.m.! =)

It was fun to spend an evening feeling as though I could have stepped out of Narnia, and it was even more fun to do with it with my roommate! Mary-Khris is such a blessing and dear friend, and I am enjoying rooming with her!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Nice to see you having a fun time.


Ella said...

I am so glad you appear to be having a wonderful time....and thanks for posting pictures of what Mary-Khris looks like. Now I have a face with a name!

Doug Joseph said...

Hello! I wanted to comment on your Maidens for Modesty blog article, but I could not find a comment link there. I'm a pastor who preaches, teaches, and appreciates modesty. I posted support of Maidens for Modesty on my blog, "The Faster Pastor" at My wife is a Matron Of Modesty (MOM), and our daughters are indeed now to be known as Maidens For Modesty. We're thrilled to see such a groundswell of support for modesty in the blogosphere. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

you both look beautiful in your costumes. Sounds like a fun night for the two of you.