Saturday, January 03, 2009

Leaving Home Again

My time at home has come to an end for another semester. It has all passed so quickly! It has been wonderful to spend time with family and friends and be able to do many of the homey things I enjoy so much. This past week we've had my sister Miriam and her husband (my new brother!) John here, as well as my sister Maria and her husband Ron and their three children, James, Sara, and Lisa Beth. It has been quite fun!

On Tuesday we went on a 4-mile or so bike ride! We used to go on long bike rides quite a bit, but this was the first one in a while, and it was a lot of fun! We biked over to the place our neighbor's horses are boarded, and it was a pleasant ride. The day got rather warm and we were rather tired by the time we got back home, but it was fun to be together and good exercise!

Everyone enjoyed petting the little kid goats and chasing those that didn't want to get too close. Behind us is a horse that is also boarded there by someone else, and he was very friendly, wanting a lot of attention!

So, we made sure that we petted him adequately. =)

Sister pictures are always fun! Here are the four of us sisters that are all 5 years apart. Miriam (center) is 28, Lydia (right) is 23, I'm 18, and Jubilee (top) is 13.

Later today, I'll be leaving to begin the long drive to Texas with my mother and brother, to drop Elijah off at his college and then go on to visit my aunt. On Monday through Wednesday, I am very excited to be able to attend the Christian Filmmaker's Academy and on Thursday through Saturday, our family will be attending the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. I'm very excited! We have attended the film festival twice before, but this will be my first time going to the film academy. Although I don't really think I'll be making any big movies, the information I'll glean from the workshops will be very interesting and worthwhile for the other media-related things I do. If any of you are going to be at the academy and/or the festival, I'd enjoy meeting you! Please come up and so hello if you're there. =)

On Sunday the 11th, a week from tomorrow, I'll be dropped back off at college as the rest of my family heads home. Classes start on January 14th, so I'll have a few days to recover before jumping into a busy semester.

So, don't expect to hear much from me this next week! I may have limited computer access, or perhaps none at all. I hope you all have a great week!


Katie said...

My sister, Allison (LetterFromChrist) will be attending the Film Academy with my brother and dad! Then the rest of our family will join them for the Film Festival.

Maybe we'll see you there!


Ella said...

You have a great time, ya here! =)

Say hello to Jasmine while you are at it for me!

A long bike ride.....makes me realize I need to get exercising =(

Anonymous said...

My brother Joshua H will be attending the Film Festival! :)

Alicia said...



Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna,
I have enjoyed your blog for several weeks now. I too am at the Film Academy and met your Mom last night!!! Such a small world :-)!! Thanks for your encouragement to young and older woman alike. Lord Bless You and Keep You and make His face shine upon you!!!!tammypitts

Jungle Jim said...

Dear Anna and Miriam:

I am delighted to learn that there are still some young women who love the Lord and live their lives accordingly. We won't have to worry about either of you getting pregnant out of wedlock or becoming addicted to drugs.

Best wishes for your college educations and may God be gracious unto you.

Jungle Jim

Allison said...

It was so nice meeting you and talking with you at the Academy. I wish Katie could have met you, because she really wanted to, but we didn't see you at the Festival. Wasn't it wonderful? Everyone from our church was inspired and encouraged.
Have a blessed day!