Friday, January 23, 2009

Lately Completed Crafts

This first blanket is completely crocheted and took about...I actually am not sure how long it took, because I started it sometime last year and then stopped working on it for a while, then picked it back up again last fall and finished it a couple of weeks ago. It isn't intended for anyone but will be there when it's needed.

This second blanket is intended for a friend who is expecting. It is already known that it will be a girl, so it made it a little easier to decide the colors. These blankets are my favorite things to make for babies.

The folded and completed blanket

A close-up corner

The whole view (it's a little hard to see the edging)


Anna Naomi said...

These are absolutely beautiful, Miriam! Great job completing them. I know Bekah will really enjoy the pink blanket, as will whoever uses the other one!

Rachel and Jessica said...

Your blankets are beautiful! Would you be able to share how you did the pink one? I have seen sort of similar ones but this one seems simpler and more pretty! =:) I would love to make these to give as gifts, too (or put on my hopechest)! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blankets, Anna.
Is the pink blanket fleece? How did you get holes in it for the yarn?

Miriam Rebekah said...

Thanks Anna!

I used pink flannel and as is was 45" wide, I got made sure to get it the same length. I hemmed it and using a size 7 to 9 crochet hook (extremely small) and crochet thread, I started crocheting around the hem of the blanket. First, I did the base chain and after having gone all the way around, I went over it with the shell chain.

The small crochet hook that I mentioned above easily penetrates the flannel. The main thing is to keep the chains even and not too tight.

Here's a link that I partially followed the first time I made one of these blankets:

Ella said...

That looks positively lovely! You did a fabulous job. Not that I am a chrocheter....but what size hook did you use?

It was great to see a post from you!

Mardi said...

Miriam, those are beautiful! You did a great job!! I am going to show my Mama the pictures. She's working on a baby afghan now!

Missy said...

Beautiful handiwork!

Tilly said...

Oh how cute! I'm a new blog reader, wandering over from I Have Loved The Rain...such a nice place to visit!

Meghan said...

How pretty!
I love the edging on the second one!! What size hook did you use for the edging? You said a seven or nine but....I look at the letter on the hooks and I go by that. :) My great-grandmother did so much beautiful crocheted edges on hankies, blankets, table cloths, etc. It was so neat to see this!

And I LOVE the crocheted blanket!! What yarn did you use?

Miriam Rebekah said...


These crochet hooks aren't lettered, they are numbered. They are very small, steel not aluminum hooks.

Here's a link to some on Amazon:

And since it's a little hard to describe the thread I used, here's another link. It's called crochet thread:

Hope this helps!

Miriam Rebekah said...

Oh, I mentioned a 7 and a 9 size hook because I started with the 9 and then it was lost, so I had to finish with a 7. Thankfully, it wasn't a big difference.

Robert said...

Great job on the blankets! I like the edging on the pink one.

Have you ever made a shawl?

Abigail and Lydia said...

I love the blankets! The baby blanket is beautiful!

Jalis said...

These are so pretty! Great job!

E said...

Ooooh! They're so cute! I love the pink one. Thanks for the website link. Maybe something for my hope chest...

I love your blog too! Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Lovely, Miriam!

-Maria Pauline

5N Family said...

Those are really nice blankets. I like crocheting myself and would really like learning how to make blankets! from Heaven