Sunday, December 07, 2008

Time with a Friend

We jumped up and down for joy when we saw the sky. We had noticed the pinkish hue from inside the cafeteria, but when we walked out the doors, we saw the most amazing vibrant pinks and oranges forming a beautiful sunset behind the fountain straight in front of us. Looking to the left, the sky was yellow-orange, providing a beautiful background for the silhouetted trees. As we walked to the right, we saw the more pastel pinks high above us. And, as we got more out into the open sky, we delighted in noticing that the sky was a shade of a dusky lavender. God painted a masterpiece of many colors that Saturday night.

We walked into the dorm, and as we headed up the stairs, she paused at the 3rd floor and asked if we were going up or going in. The night before, we'd gone to her room after the singing Christmas tree, so tonight, I suggested that we go to my room. We headed in, and engaged in some small talk. "Christmas will be here so soon - can you believe it?" "When do you leave?" "I can't wait!"

We had a free evening. She had finished with her exams that day, and I only had one left, but didn't need to study that night. So, I dug out my DVD of Mary: Chosen by God and asked if she would like to see it. We spent the next hour enjoying it and being put in the Christmas spirit. She enjoyed seeing something I'd directed last year, and it filled me with memories of all those I miss. Was it really already a year since I'd directed the musical?

When the DVD finished, we didn't want to part just yet. So we talked, and talked, and talked. Three hours passed quickly without us noticing. Time always seems to fly the fastest when you're having fun with a friend. We swapped childhood stories and talked about things we had gradually adjusted to at college. We reminisced about homeschooling and being able to have more time to read. The Chronicles of Narnia, Little House on the Prairie, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables... We found that we shared the same childhood book-friends. We talked on and on, about family, friends we'd left behind, tennis, ballet, roses, football, art, music, drawing, theatre, and so on. It was so enjoyable!

Eventually we realized that it was past 9:30 p.m. and that we should get good rest before church the next day, so we reluctantly parted ways. A hug and many smiles and a cheerful "see you tomorrow!" and she was out the door. I was left with joy and thankfulness to God for a dear friend He has provided.

Mary-Khris, thank you for being such a great friend! It's been fun getting to know you, and I look forward to rooming with you next semester!


Ella said...

I am so happy to see some joyin the midst of all this change!! Is Mary Khris definite yet? Friends are such dears and gifts from you well know already.

Amanda said...

That was neat to read. What a blessing!

Anna Naomi said...

Ella: Yes, it's definite that Mary-Khris is moving in to be my roommate next semester! We're excited - it's going to be fun!

Miriam Rebekah said...

I'm so glad you've found such a good friend at school! I'm sure you're looking forward to having her as a roommate.

See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Friends are such a blessing aren’t they!
Some other good friends are your siblings! I'm blessed with seven of them and there is never a quiet moment of time without a friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Anna, I am so happy that God provided you with a good friend away at school!! What a blessing! I don't know about you, but I often find it hard to make new friends. I am praying that God sends some Christian girls my way when I start attending community college next semester.

John said...

Hi Anna,

I wish you all the best as you prepare for finals. It looks like you are having a lot of fun at Belhaven. Because I have such a passion for the fine arts, I have to admit that I am a bit jealous and wish I could be a music student in fine arts similar to you. Have lots of fun. I am glad that you are making a few new friends. Look forwards to seeing you after Christmas.


Anonymous said...

oh Anna you are so sweet. I just read this and it reminded of that lovely evening. i really enjoy being your roommate-you're awesome!
lov, mk