Monday, December 15, 2008

Fabric on Sale at Walmart

To all of you fellow seamstresses, I want to make you aware (if you don't know already) that Walmart is discontinuing carrying fabric and is selling all of their fabric and ribbon by the yard for 50% off. It is disappointing that they are discontinuing it, as I have found their fabric to be so much more of a better deal than at craft stores, but to buy it now is a great deal. A few years ago, most Walmarts got rid of it, but I was still able to find fabric at two stores nearby. Now, a lady working there told me that all Walmarts are getting rid of it.

Now is the time to stock up on fabric at great prices! I have gotten many different cuts of fabric for $1-$2/yd or slightly more. I discovered the sale last Tuesday and went back today with Natalie (a younger girl I taught to sew) to stock up on even more. I don't have a specific project in mind for each piece, but you can't beat the prices, and it's nice to have them on hand to draw from when I need fabric. I even got a few pieces of only 1-2 yards - it's not enough for a dress for me, but it is enough for dresses for little girls, be that my nieces or saving them even longer for future daughters.

I hope you find some great deals as I have!


Ella said...

I should check about our Walmart....I don't think all of them here are getting rid of it. But most stores are =(

Laura said...

Fabric stores can be so expensive. The Walmart near me doesn't have fabric unfortunately. I tend to buy all my fabric like this, on sale or when I come across it cheap. Then, when I need something, I don't go to the fabric store, but to my stash and find what I have that works the best for what I need. That way, you are never stuck at the last minute buying something for like, 8$ a yard. (I also get a large amount of fabric at thrift stores or outlet stores). The best part of this is that my friends have fabric hordes too, so if I don't have what I need, I trade something with a friend.

Chelsea said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been needing more fabric. I'll have to check out our Walmart. :)

In Him,

Tiffany of Dixie said...

How disappointing! Fabric there is so much less expensive than at most other stores. Thank you for letting us know! Do you know when it will be discontinued? I don't know if I will have time to go before January.

~Tiffany Hope

Robert said...

You can never have too much fabric,especially when it's on sale!

I've been meaning to say that I read Little Women.I really enjoyed the book!! Thanks for suggesting it.There was a lot more to the book than I realized from just watching the movie version.

I liked how the second part showed some of the problems Meg and John had in their married life and how they dealt with them.I also liked Marmee's good advice.

Do you have a favourite character? I preferred Meg but I thought Amy improved greatly and ended up with a good philosophy.

I also read and enjoyed An Old-Fashioned Girl and The Inheritance.I can see how you would relate to Polly.

Lexie said...

I would deffinatly be stocking up even though I haven't started sewing yet but when I get around to it I will have enough fabric on hand.

Laura Ashley said...

I'm not surprised, I hardly ever see people back in the fabric section.

Anna Naomi said...

Ella: It is sad! Hopefully your Walmart won't discontinue it, though the lady at ours made it sound as though the whole chain was planning to.

Laura: That's a good idea to trade fabric with friends! I try not to buy fabric unless it's not too expensive, or is on sale, or I have a discount coupon to use. Stocking up should make me not need to buy any for a while!

Chelsea: You're welcome!

Tiffany: It is very disappointing. Other stores are so much more expensive, even when they have sales and such.

Robert: I'm glad you enjoyed Little Women! It is a good book, and I also enjoyed the parts you mentioned. Meg has always been my favorite character although she wasn't perfect. For some reason I seem to identify most with the oldest sisters in stories, such as Meg in this one and Jane and Pride and Prejudice. I don't know why that is, for I'm definitely not the oldest in my family!

Lexie: That's a good idea! Get it while it's a good price.

Laura Ashley: I understand the store's decision, as it does seem to be a low-traffic area. Not a whole lot of people sew these days, which is sad. As I was shopping with Natalie, who is 13, she made the true observation that almost everyone else shopping for fabric was elderly ladies. They are the ones who still know how to sew. Thankfully there are a few younger ones to whom they passed on the art, however!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are becoming a fabric-stasher... ;)


Anna Naomi said...

Maria: Guilty as charged. ;) But I will use it... eventually!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm definitely going to check it out!