Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wedding Pictures!

Man and wife

The beautiful bride

Racheal with her bridesmaids

Joel with his groomsmen

The cute ringbearer, my nephew

Pardon my expression, I'm really concentrating. =)

My five handsome brothers

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Hart


sydney said...

Oh, so lovely! She's such a beautiful bride and your brother is quite the handsome groom! Congratulations to them both! :-)


Scott Family said...

What a lovely couple! And you did such a marvelous job on the dresses!

Lily :o)

Victoria said...

The dresses you made turned out so beautiful and the guys' fancy ties looked great as well. The weather was such a BLESSING and the service was special !

We enjoyed the magnificent fireworks and the take-off in the firetruck was unforgettable. PRAISE GOD from Whom ALL Blessings flow. Love, Victoria (Anna's Mom)

Ellen said...

Lovely! You did a great job on the bridesmaid dresses.


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely bride and what a beautiful wedding dress! You did a great job on the brides maids dresses. Congratulations to the bride and groom.

~Miss Country

Ella said...

Miriam, you did a great job on the dreses. And I am sure you did on your piano playing as well!!

thepatriot said...

Miriam the dresses all look so lovely! Great job! Now you can relax, right? :)

Caleb said...

Thanks for the compliment on five 'handsome' brothers,sis.