Thursday, November 06, 2008

Time Outside on a Lovely Fall Day

After a cold snap last week, where you spent the mornings shivering as you walked between classes, the weather has again warmed up into perfect temperatures. It's supposed to get colder again tomorrow, but during these past few days I have thoroughly enjoyed the times I've been able to spend outside.

Today I spent much of the afternoon outside, and it was glorious! As I headed to my 1:40 p.m. English class, I ran into my teacher and another student, headed in the opposite direction. Because it was such a beautiful day, our class got moved outside! Ours is a rather small class with only 8 students, so we sat in the rocking chairs and had a fun time. Definitely much better than sitting in a classroom!

We got out a little early, so I went back to my room and deposited my heavy books, trading them for my flute, stand, music books, stationery, letters, camera, and the book Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, and headed back down the stairs and through the doors to the beauty awaiting me.

Although the blogging world has been full of pictures of fall colors lately, I couldn't help but add my own pictures to the mix. God's creation never fails to remind me to praise Him for the beautiful world He's created. We don't get as vibrant autumns in the south as the states in the Midwest and North, but color has finally burst out in a few places around campus!

Green is still the dominant color, but some trees have changed. The splashes of red, orange, and yellow are so lovely to see!

I walked to a grassy field behind the visual arts building, and stopped in front of this beautiful array. Out came my stand and flute, and I spent a merry time playing away, preparing for my orchestra audition tomorrow. The wind felt good, but I certainly had a battle trying to keep my pages from turning! There were houses behind the trees, and I hoped I wasn't disturbing anyone, for the flute can be rather loud, especially on the high notes. After a little while, however, I noticed an older couple come out to their screen porch to sit and read. It made me happy to think that they were perhaps enjoying the music as well!

After I finished my playing, I spread out my jacket and enjoyed the seat on the grassy knoll. I read and enjoyed a chapter in my book, and then set out on a picture-taking journey around campus. On the way back to the prettier trees, I dropped off the heavy things from my bag in my dorm and continued on my joyful way.

The colors are so vibrant, so alive, and so cheerful!

Yellow leaves look like drops of sunshine.

Already the trees are beginning to loose their foliage - the colorful leaves don't last long, but they're lovely while they're here.

Our God certainly has a beautiful color palate!

I had fun seeing the leaves drift off of the trees. Crunching them beneath my shoes as I walked reminded me that it is indeed fall, and a lovely one at that.

I sat in a rocking chair and wrote a long letter to a pen pal after taking pictures, finishing as the approaching darkness and hunger pains drove me to the cafeteria to eat supper. I ate out on the balcony, however, as I usually do, enjoying the mild weather while it lasts.

What is it about being outside that makes me so joyful? Is it the breeze, the sunshine, or all the earthy scents? I don't know what it is exactly, but I praise my Creator for the beautiful world He has given us! I'm enjoying a more relaxed schedule now that the show "Much Ado About Nothing" is through, and I praise God for the strength He gives as I live each day, praying that I do everything for His glory.


Ella said...

You are very blessed to have your lovely autumn colors. Here, things are definitely losing their vibrance and it is chilly!! God paints lovely pictures everywhere this time of year!

Three Sisters Blog said...

Happy Autumn!!! :)

~3 sisters

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures, Anna. Here our fall colors are gone in lieu of drab whiteness. It looks so odd on the still-green grass.