Monday, November 03, 2008

October Reading List

Anna's Books

Completed This Month:

  • Emotional Purity: An Affair of the Heart by Heather Arnel Paulsen (now Patenaude) - This was my 2nd or 3rd read-through of this book, and I enjoyed it once again. It is encouraging and challenging to strive for not just physical purity, but emotional purity as well, and not get caught up in undefined, heartbreaking relationships.
  • Set-Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy - Everything I have read by the Ludys I have enjoyed, and this book was no exception! Elijah pre-ordered it for me for my birthday (thanks again, Elijah!) and I was excited when it came and I could read it. It was very challenging, and caused me to think and pray about a lot of things. It couldn't have come at a better time, either. It can be easy to look around and see what other Christians do, and wonder if you should loosen up a bit and let things slide. However, this book calls us to something more, something greater, being set-apart and totally in love with our Heavenly King Jesus. It is a book that I shall definitely read again! Just as a note, it does deal with some mature topics, so I would recommend it to those ages 14 and up, and parental guidance would be encouraged.
  • Jerusalem Vigil by Bodie and Brock Thoene - With a lot of time backstage during the recent production to read, I allowed myself the pleasure of checking out an exciting book from the library. I was excited to find that the Belhaven library has 6 books in the Zion Legacy Series, a series that takes place after The Zion Chronicles and The Zion Covenant series, with many of the same characters. It is fast-paced and exciting to read, as it covers the battles that rage in Jerusalem right after Israel is declared to be a state in 1948. Because of the violent battles and some interactions between married couples, I wouldn't recommend it to those under 14, and again, parental guidance would be good. I really enjoy how they teach history while exploring the inner minds of different characters.
Currently Reading:
  • Thunder from Jerusalem by Bodie and Brock Thoene
  • Recovering Biblical Manhood & Womanhood edited by John Piper and Wayne Grudem
  • The Reason for God by Timothy Keller
  • Valley of Vision compiled by Arthur Bennet

Miriam's Books

Completed This Month:
  • The Dragon King Trilogy by Stephen Lawhead - This excellent series begins with In The Hall of the Dragon King, wherein a young acolyte in a temple volunteers to fulfill a wounded knight's mission and go the the palace. The King is off at wars and meanwhile, deception and treachery is brewing back home. Quentin lands in the middle of the plot and barely escapes with the queen, two loyal knights, and a hermit. A race for their life ensues and all along the way, Quentin is learning about the hermit's god, the Most High God. When the King returns and settles all the problems, he then adopts Quentin as his son. In The Warlords of Nin, another evil has arisen ten years later. An evil that uses fear as its messenger, spreading tales of its conquests and victories and destroying all in its path. Quentin must now accept the truth he has always know. There is only One True God and he must put his complete trust in Him. He embarks to find a precious stone that is to be forged into a sword. A sword that, once made, is filled with the shining glory of God. Returning with the sword, he defeats the enemy and is established as the Priest King, a King who will share his belief in the Most High God and work to the abolish the old gods. As The Sword and the Flame opens, another old evil is as work again. The Priest King is married and has three children and is renowned throughout the land for his sword, The Shining One. When his son is kidnapped and the old hermit killed, a mad vengeance overcomes Quentin and he makes a rash act that causes the glory of God to depart from his sword and he throws it away. He realizes the Spirit of God has left him and he falls into despair. He receives a ransom note requiring the sword for the return of his son. Thinking it hopeless, he shrinks further and further away from his responsibilities as a father and king. Once the sword is found and acquired back into the hands of the king, he falls at the feet of God begging His forgiveness and when the glory returns to the sword and with God, he defeats his enemy.
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen - This was a re-read and I think it gets better every time.
  • Jeff McLean: His Courtship by Stephen Castleberry - The story of a young man patiently waiting God's choice for him. He begins to prepare his home and when the time is right, God brings the right young woman into his life.
  • Journey of the Heart by Jeannie Castleberry - This is an excellent book. The young woman longs for a home of her own and daily turns her desires over to the Lord. When she is presented with the opportunity of being courted, she must overcome her longings and realize that this is not who God has prepared for her. She learns many valuable lessons along the way and discovers that waiting on the Lord is a treasure in itself.
  • Julie by Catherine Marshall - I really enjoyed this book. Julie is in her senior year of highschool and they have just moved to a small town so that her father take over the local newspaper. The town is controlled by the old rich man who owns the dam, who uses intimidation to get people to do what he wants. When Julie's father decides to stand up against The Old Man, consequences are incurred. As Julie watches her father change from the weak-willed man he was to a strong and sure person, she begins to reevaluate her own opinions and changes from a girl to a woman through her experiences.
  • Eighth Shepherd by Brock and Bodie Thoene - The eighth book in this series was just as good as the others and left me anticipating the next one. Zachai is a greedy and cruel publican in Jericho, hated and scorned by all. Jesus is on the path to Jericho, healing and restoring souls along the way. The story of Zacchaeus unfolds in a wonderful and colorful narrative.

Currently Reading:

  • Before You Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Mally


Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great list of books!

Are either of you familiar with a book called "Exodus" by Leon Uris. I don't remember it being explicitly Christian, but it was a very interesting story that I will never forget. It is a story of Jewish refugees heading to Israel.


PoetLady said...

Miriam H,

Any ideas how old would be ok with The Dragon King Trilogy? James is interested in dragons and that one sounds Christian, most books with dragons I don't allow him since they have too much other magic that is bad etc.

He reads at a 5th grade level, has read books of over 200 pages before.

Anna's sister,

Miriam Rebekah said...

I haven't read "Exodus", but it does sound interesting. I'll have to check it out.

Maria (Anna's sister),
The Dragon King trilogy isn't actually about dragons. =) It's just the title conferred on the king. But I'll still answer your question.. It depends on your child's intellect, but I wouldn't recommend them for anyone younger than 15, at the youngest.

Harmony said...

So you're reading "Before you meet Prince Charming"? I've read it. And I thought it was a very good book. It's the only book on purity that I agreed with on every point. There's always that one thing you know? But not with this book! The only thing I could find to complain about would be her inconsitencies (I spent five minutes trying to spell that! How do you?) with her "Thees and Thines" and "You and Yours" Sometimes the author remembered to use them, but sometimes even in the same sentence she would switch back to more "modern" english. But overall I very good book. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say about it. :)

Anonymous said...


Secret Meeting of the Saints is an annual event my youth group does in honor of the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, which is on November 9 this year. We are given different sets of clues during Sunday School, then meet after dark to run all over our little town of 4,000 in groups of three or four. The Gestapo, armed with super soakers, are out to get us and this year they compromised all three of our safe houses. Our new pastor was to speak to us, but he too had vanished without trace. After an hour of running around in the dark and hiding from the gestapo, we made it to our fourth checkpoint and were given directions that led us to a parking lot, where friends drove us to the new meeting place. In the candlelight, we sing songs of praise and pray for the saints who have not made it to the meeting yet. Fortunately, the gestapo didn't find us this year, as they have in other years. For if they had, we would all have been killed for refusing to recant.

It is a lot of heart-racing fun and at the same time, a powerful experience to stand up to death, even if it is only a game. Definitely one of my favorite youth group events, it is a little different each year. We had quite a large group this year of at least forty or fifty. And the gestapo are everywhere- I didn't even know my father was one until afterwards when someone said they had seen him! Tip: if you try something like this, be sure to notify the real police beforehand. Every year someone seems to run into them!