Thursday, November 27, 2008

Anna's Top 20 Thankful Things for 2008

Not necessarily in any particular order...

I am thankful for:

1. God, the loving Father, wondrous Savior, and comforting Holy Spirit, Who never fails to amaze me each day.

2. My family, who if I listed individually, would take up the entire 20 things. I am so thankful for my caring parents, my supportive siblings, my wonderful siblings-in-law, and my 8 darling nieces and nephews!

3. Friends who have stayed close through the years. Especially my Sisters of the Heart who have been such an encouragement!

4. New friends whom I've gotten to know at college, and who have made the transition easier.

5. All of the things I have been able to learn at college this semester. Some things were academic, and some relational.

6. A home to go back to and to enjoy the comforts of.

7. All of the teachers at college who have genuinely cared about their students and sought to help us grow.

8. An abundance of food and the fact that I never have to go hungry. Although the cafeteria may not serve what I deem the best-tasting, I am still so spoiled to have it served to me without having to do any work to make it!

9. The grace God gives me to get through each day. His strength and mercy never fail.

10. The beautiful newness of each morning, and being able to experience everything outside while it is still early. This is one of the blessings of having to walk to eat meals or go to classes!

11. The generosity of my parents for paying for me to learn.

12. The beauty of God's creation, be it rainy, sunny, or cloudy, and whether the temperatures are hot, cold, or mild, God's handiwork shouts His praise.

13. The opportunity to write and share with others all over the world via this blog, and all of you who visit and brighten my day!

14. Family-plan cell phones so that I can talk to my family at any time free of charge. Even when my brother and I have 2-hour conversations late at night, we don't have to pay a penny, and that is a wonderful blessing!

15. Books that I can learn from and that cause me to think.

16. The enjoyment of cooking and baking when I'm home on breaks.

17. America, my homeland, and the freedom we have because of the sacrifices of so many.

18. My ancestors who have through the generations followed the Lord and taught their children to do the same.

19. Cars that I can drive from place to place and allow me easy travel back home.

20. The life and health God has given me, and the way He has safely brought me through this year.


Ella said...

We have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for you Sisters as well!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Luke and Michele said...

Happy Thanksgiving Anna! We missed seeing you this year. Glad you could bring a friend home with you.