Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Garden of Life (Re-post)

Things are really busy here, with 3 tests this week and classes in full swing. Homework and costume stitching are keeping me hopping, with very little time to write, and a tired brain to boot after the day is done! I'm really looking forward to fall break this weekend, as I get to go home for a few days! Below is a post I wrote 2 years ago that I decided to re-post. It covers things that we constantly need to be reminded of.

If your life were a garden, what would be growing in it? The Bible tells us that we do indeed "plant" things in our lives. Galatians 6:7 says, "Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows." So, what are you growing in the garden of life?

Are the red roses of love growing in your garden? Love that is true, and not self-seeking? What about the white roses of purity? Are they in your life, presenting themselves clean and spotless to the world? Are the carnations of compassion flowering beautifully? Along with them, are the lilies of kindness blooming big and bright?

Walking on, would we find the daffodils of joy cheerfully making your garden a fun, joyful place? Are the pansies of peace placidly providing a calm atmosphere? Are the hyacinths of hope keeping your spirits up, while the lilacs of faith keep your trust in God unwavering?

In the prettiest part of the garden, are the violets of gentleness doing well? And the primroses of patience, ever nearby, are they growing in depth and size? Are the daisies of grace dancing their way trough the garden, not only affecting your poise, but also helping you overlook others' faults? And the bluebells of modesty, are they blooming away, sweet, yet rarely noticed? Likewise, are the buttercups of humility helping all the other lovely flowers by protecting you from become high and haughty?

Close by, are the sunflowers of wisdom sharing their seeds and lessons learned with others? Are the peonies of prudence there as well, helping you know when to speak and when to keep silent? As a necessity to your reputation, are you tending the hydrangeas of honesty carefully? Are the chrysanthemums of justice working to make sure no one is taken advantage of, while the marigolds of mercy work patiently and kindly with those who have done wrong?

No garden would be complete without the gardenias of diligence working hard to get things done. Coupled with the tulips of strength, a lot can be accomplished. Is the wisteria of endurance winding its way around, refusing to give up? What about the orchids of self-control? Are you growing those stronger and stronger?

In the center of the garden, is the goldenrod of the fear and love of the Lord shining brightly and reminding you not to compromise on His commands?

Just as it is important to plant good things in your garden, it is important to guard against the bad things that would try to grow. The devil loves to plant weeds of bitterness, envy, and strife, and send out briers of selfishness, laziness, and deceitfulness. He's always trying to find ways to plant evil little things, that would grow to wreak havoc on your garden. You must be alert, and tend your garden carefully. Pull out the weeds and cut away the briers as soon as you can, to prevent them from taking root and chocking the delicate flowers.

So, how's your garden? Is it a beautifully array of colors, spreading sweet perfume wherever you go, or is it drab and lifeless? Are you tending the garden of your life well?

*Disclaimer* Somewhere, there is a book or list of different meanings for different flowers. However, I don't know them all, and the attributes I've assigned to different flowers are entirely of my own imagination.


Mamselle Clare Duroc said...

What a beautiful post. It reminds me of the writings of little Therese of Lisieux, who often talked about her service for God in the terms of flowers and gardens.

Thanks so much for re-posting this... truly beautiful!

Victoria said...

Amen to Mamselle Clare Duorc ! I could just see the garden as I read your post. Yesterday as we visted your Aunt Sara in Tahlequah, OK she showed me her garden. What would the herbs of your garden be? Perhaps the blend of spicss that are given out to others? I brought some lemon mint(?) but decided to plant it here at your Grandpa & Grandma's old home for whoever the new owners are here. Pray with me for a loving Christian family for this dear home and folks that will bless this neighborhood in Bella Vista, ARK. We also start heading home to AL tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you Friday ! Love, Mom

Maria Pauline said...

I can definitely empathize- life is leaving me so tird I am unable to think of anything to write about! (Praying for you, dear Anna)

Thanks so much for reposting one of my all-time favorites from your blog!