Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Break Recipes

*Caution* If you're really hungry, you may not want to read this post right now! =)

One thing that I really miss while at college is the opportunity to cook and bake. Having done it for years, not doing it for 2 months seemed like forever! Over fall break, I enjoyed being able to cook again, and went on cooking extreme mode - but my family didn't mind! :-) Fall break as a whole was very relaxing, and I enjoyed spending time with family and friends most of all, but cooking came in a close second.

Most of the things I made were things I had been craving at college. The cafeteria's food here is pretty good, but nothing can beat homemade delicacies! To go to the recipes, click on the underlined links below the pictures.

I made Apple Cinnamon Rolls on Saturday morning, and we had them for lunch, along with delicious fruit salad and turkey bacon!

Miriam and Esther came over on Saturday and spent the night. We watched the 5-hour Pride and Prejudice movie, and took a break in the middle of it to make supper. Miriam helped me make Tuna Under Biscuits, a family favorite.

On Sunday morning, I made Orange Cinnamon Blueberry Muffins - one of the best things for breakfast! We worked together to make delicious taco salad for lunch.

It was fun to make fresh bread again! It smells so good while it rises and bakes, and I enjoy working with the bread dough. I made the bread on Monday morning, and we had it fresh from the oven with honey and jelly for lunch, along with an omlette.

M & M Peanut butter Cookies are probably the favorite cookies in the Lofgren household, and ones I've gotten "famous" for making. =) We didn't have any M&Ms, so I used chocolate chips this time - still tasty, but not as colorful! I made these on Monday afternoon, and took some with me that afternoon to a family that lives near us and who I babysat for 6 years. I enjoyed talking with Mrs. Candi and playing with the children for a few hours!

Almost every holiday we got together as family, Michele made yummy pumpkin bread that I so enjoyed! So, I asked for the recipe and enjoyed making and eating this delicious bread. I served it for lunch on Tuesday afternoon, along with cornflake chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables.

Hopefully all that cooking will keep me happy for a while. =) I hope you find some recipes that you'll enjoy making as well. All of the ones I used are tried and true, from the "Anna Approved Edition" of the "Lofgren Favorites" recipe book. =)


Jody said...

You shoud think about publishing this "Anna Approved Edition of the Lofgren Favorites" cookbook. With recipes like those it would be a best seller!!
Glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

How much peanut butter do you put in the peanut butter cookies?

Anna Naomi said...

Jody: Actually, I did make the "Anna Approved 2008 Edition" of the "Lofgren Favorites Cookbook" this past year on the computer, and just printed it out for our family. I gave a copy to Miriam for her wedding and left one home so that mom and Jubilee can easily find the recipes I've used. Miriam began the "Lofgren Favorites Cookbook" and I've added to it over the years. I'm not ready to try to print it though!

Beth: When I pasted in the cookie recipe, somehow I accidentally deleted the peanut butter from the list of the ingredients. Thanks for noticing! I've fixed the recipe, so that it now includes 1 1/2 cups of peanut butter.

Dellennie said...

I was forewarned and it still made me hungry!lol Sounds like you had fun Anna. :)

Anna Naomi said...

How BLESSED we are to have had you come home and so lovingly and willingly encourage us with your yummy cooking !

I left a message on your cell phone to ask you to let me know that you made it back; since you're posting, I know you're back.

The pumpkin bread is so yummy--just had a piece with a glass of milk.

Thank you, dear Anna Naomi !

Love, Mom

Laura said...

This reminds me so much of my visits home to see my family and friends when I was in college. I am glad to hear everything is going well for you. I just made a giant pot of celery and potato cheese soup yesterday and it was fantastic. I think I am going to make some challah bread to go with it today. I hope when you go back to school you can bring some of your goodies with you!

Maria Pauline said...

Oooo... yummy! Too bad my sister won't be cooking and baking so much when she has break this weekend!!


Ella said...

I know how happy you were to get back into the kitchen!!! I love to go on baking sprees....but I never go on that large of one!

Robert said...

Those desserts look yummy! I'd like to make the peanut butter cookies.

Hopefully you were able to take some of the food back with you to school.

Tiffany of Dixie said...

I made the M&M peanut butter cookies yesterday for my father's Bible study, and they are fabulous! I actually got sick for eating a little too much cookie dough! :-) Forgetting you had several people in your family, I made the whole recipe, which resulted in...well, a lot of cookies. :-) (Or perhaps I just made them too small.) Thanks for the recipes!
~Tiffany Hope

Anonymous said...

I copied some of the recipes and I hope to make them soon!

I have been making a cookbook too. I get most of my recipes from Allrecipes.com.

And now you've inspired me. I'm going to be baking today!

Anna Naomi said...

Dellenie: I did indeed! =)

Mom: Glad you continue to enjoy the goodies!

Laura: Umm... what you made sounds good! Actually, I didn't bring much back with me for myself, though I did bring pumpkin bread and a cookie for my supper/snack on the way home. I brought some of each to my roommate, who didn't get to go home for fall break, so I wanted to bring her at least some home-made goodness! I also brought some pumpkin bread to a theatre professor, who has turned out to be kind of like a grandfather, and who has been going through some health problems. He and his wife have been very hospitable to our students, having us over for coffee and tea, so I wanted to thank them for that!

Maria: Enjoy the time with your sister! Breaks from college are nice, especially the first year, to be able to see everyone back home.

Robert: I hope you enjoy the cookies!

Tiffany: Glad you made and enjoyed the cookies! Yes, the recipe does make a lot. I make mine rather big, so the picture of the cookies in the post is how many it usually makes for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
I'm the baker in my family, so I always love finding new recipes. I made your oatmeal peanut butter cookies the other night and they are sooo good. This was by far the best oatmeal peanut butter cookie recipe I've found yet! Can't wait to try some of your others...

Beth (not the one who commented earlier ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
Is whole wheat pastry flour the same as whole wheat bread flour? I looked in the grocery for whole wheat pastry flour and couldn't find it.

Thanks again,

Anna Naomi said...

Beth: Yes, it should be the same thing. I always use the whole wheat we grind ourselves. I'll go ahead and just change the flour in the recipe to "whole wheat flour" - the "whole wheat pastry flour" was just what the original recipe had.

Anonymous said...

Wow Anna,

I didn't realize you grind your own wheat. Would you post about that one of these days? (what equipment you use, etc) I would love to know what types of wheats you use. That's all so confusing to me. I've heard of hard and soft wheat. Do you order your wheat from a mail order company?

Anna Naomi said...

Beth: Yes, we've ground our own wheat ever since I can remember. I'm definitely not an expert on wheat, as in terms of what is the best for you, etc. We get our grain from a farm near us, though I know there are places you can order it online, and sometimes food co-ops you can get it from. We've gotten red and white wheat from them, and I've found that white wheat seems to work and taste better in recipes. We used to grind wheat with a hand grinder, but that took a long time, so quite a few years ago my mom purchased an electric grinder, called a Whisper Mill. I'm not sure if they still sell it anymore, and as I'm not home, I can't really look on it to see which company made it! I know there are grinders out there, but I'm not exactly sure which is the best one. Sorry I'm not more help!

Anonymous said...

I miss cooking!
I'm at college and can't make dinner or dessert anymore. :(


Hannah said...

I made the chocolate oat meal cake, it was so Yummy!!!:). I don't really eat oat meal, and my mom has always wanted me to. So when i saw this cake I baked it and I loved it, its so most and well Yummy.