Thursday, October 30, 2008

Enjoyable Opportunities

One of the nice things about attending a Christian college is the many concert opportunities that come through. In addition, I enjoy chapel services, though only once a week here, hearing the different speakers that come through and singing praise songs or hymns as a campus body.

Just this week, I was able to attend two different great concerts, ones I'd definitely recommend that you keep an eye out for, and go to if you hear of any near you!

On Tuesday evening the United States Air Force Band was in concert at Belhaven's Center for the Arts building. It was absolutely outstanding! The talent of all the players was amazing, and the music was so much fun to listen to! I especially had fun watching the flutists and clarinetist, which were the ones closet to me, as their fingers rapidly ran over the keys on extremely fast sequences of notes!

The "Singing Sergeants" traveled along with the band, and they were also amazing and a lot of fun to hear! In addition to the big chorus, there were small groups that did musical numbers, including Celtic music, a hilarious "Barbershop Quartet" and an all-male chorus.

A few hours hearing beautiful music was a wonderful way to spend an evening (and a nice break from homework)! A few years ago, I went to a United States Army Band concert, which was also outstanding. So, if you ever hear of any United States Army/Air Force/National Guard, etc. band coming through, try to attend. You will be glad that you did!

This morning we had "The Day of Learning" for this semester. Morning classes were canceled, and those who went to the Center for the Arts were treated to a wonderful presentation from South Korea. The Far East Broadcasting-Korea Children's Choir performed during two half-hour segments, and they were very talented and very adorable! They sang and danced quite well, and by the loud "aw..." that went through the crowd each time they came onstage, everyone could see that they were amazingly cute! I wish I had brought my camera... but alas, I didn't. To top it all off, near the end of the presentation, the children came offstage and made their way through the auditorium giving everyone hugs as a small group onstage sang an arrangement of "Jesus Loves Me." They certainly melted one's heart. ;-)

In addition, we saw short clips from a documentary on South Korea, sang some songs together, and listened as Dr. Billy Kim gave two dynamic sermons. He's a very engaging and convicting speaker, and the director of the Far East Broadcasting Company in Korea. I really enjoyed the special opportunity of hearing him speak!

All-in-all, it was a great way to spend 3 1/2 hours this morning, and definitely a nice break from the normal routine of classes. =)

If you hear of any of these events going your way, I would definitely suggest trying to make time to attend!

What about you? Have you attended anything special recently? I'd enjoy hearing about it!


Mamselle Clare Duroc said...

Nothing of late. I've been sighing miserably for the past few weeks because I would have the opportunity to see the Vienna Boys' Choir if our financial weren't so precarious at the moment. *sigh* ;)

But I understand all the concert benefits of going to a Christian college! My older brother is going to a small Catholic liberal arts college (hopefully my application goes over well and I'll be there next fall), and he's attended so many wonderful concerts and heard so many wonderful speakers. He missed hearing Cardinal Arinze speak by a year, and missed Mother Teresa by quite a bit (she was there in 1982), but I'm always rather envious when he tells me of the people he's seen and met.

Lexie said...

Nothing lately, but for Christmas I'm buying my boyfriend and I tickets to see the Transiberian Orchestra!

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Great times! What a blessing to be able to enjoy the concerts. My family was able to attend a Southern Gospel concert awhile back with the Perrys, Lesters, and many others. It was amazing! I am looking forward to Palm Sunday, because the Lesters are coming to my church! Their Southern Gospel is full of the "Good News."

Lydia said...

Glad you were able to enjoy the concerts! I've also enjoyed hearing concerts at TFC in the past years. I haven't really been to any recently though.