Monday, October 20, 2008

Camping - Fall 2008

This past weekend was our annual fall campout. Always a fun and memorable time, this campout was no different. Though I will make a note here and say that it was not the same without Anna Naomi and her family missed their cook sorely. =)

It was forecast to rain on Friday but we went ahead and headed to the campsite. Dad got there before us and had the canopy and tent set up by the time we got there and then it started to rain. So we sat under the canopy and played games with other people while we waited for the rain to stop. It lasted for quite a while but finally eased up enough for us to start a fire. So, we mostly sat around our little fire for the rest of Friday.

Saturday morning was a little chilly and the beginning of a wonderful day. After having some of Dad's good pancakes, we started a game of volleyball. We played about three or 4 games then dispersed to our different areas for a little rest and chatting.

Sitting at a dormant fire talking

Brother and sister

Playing...a game =)

The same game

Saturday night found most of the camping group gathered around the big fire. We sang, chatted, laughed, and enjoyed fellowshipping with all our wonderful friends. As it got later, the group got smaller and smaller. By 1 a.m. there were 7 still hanging around and by 2 a.m. there were 4 of us left. Mother, Mrs. M, Elijah, and myself were still up and talking though I was really tired. After battling with my eyes long enough, I decided I needed to retire and we all broke up for the night.

Andrew teaching friends the game of Nine-Hole Golf

Getting ready for the game

A husband and wife (this is such a sweet picture!)

My dad talking with a friend

I arose later than intended Sunday morning. After receiving numerous compliments on how good I looked, I got the hint and went to clean up my face and hair. Feeling much better, I went to sit by the fire and warm up. After breakfast everyone gathered for a time of fellowship and sharing. Then the rest of the afternoon was spent in various ways. Later in the afternoon we packed up and then a big group of us walked down to The Point, a place where two rivers converge. When we got back, it was time to say goodbye and head home.
I'll be putting some more pictures on my other blog soon.


Alicia said...

Interesting! Our family also went camping that same weekend! Thankfully, we didn't get any rain. :)

Dellennie said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Maybe I should join you sometime lol That would be dangerous :)

Anna Naomi said...

Thanks for blogging about it! I certainly missed being there... Seeing pictures brought back so many memories! It looks like a lot of fun. Lord willing, I'll be there for the one in the spring!

So you continued the late night stay up tradition, eh? Fun, fun. No glo stick painting this time though? ;-)

Dellennie said...

glo stick painting huh? now why does this sound so right for you people? lol

Missy said...

We had lots of fun . . . :) Thanks for posting the photos!