Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Night Blues

It's another Friday night. And once again, I'm alone. I'm missing someone, and this feeling of loneliness always increases on Friday nights. But, how can I miss someone I've never even met? For, the one I miss is someone I've most likely not even met, but someone I hope to spend most of my life with. That person would be my future husband, whomever God has decided he will be.

I get these feelings other times of the week too, but on Friday evening they seem to be the worst. Maybe it's because Friday is the traditional night for couples to go on dates; maybe it's just because I'm tired from a long week. Whatever the reason, these feelings come, and I'm left with a choice.

I could indulge in a private little pity party, bemoaning the fact that I'm alone. Or, I can focus on others - praying for my future husband, spending time encouraging other people around me, or just thanking God for the things He has blessed me with. I can waste time as I consider my lonely state, or I can use my time wisely, working to get things done. After all, there's homework to do!

There's always a feeling of restlessness on Fridays. The week is over, and the weekend is ahead. At home, being with family helped these feelings of restlessness and loneliness lessen, but they would still be there, tugging at my heart. Tonight I'll probably go to the college luau and be with friends, and that will help some, but I still feel a longing...

Why do I spend these times alone? Why don't I go out and look for a significant other to spend these evenings with? Why? Because I don't want to, for I'm saving myself for one. One day, Lord willing, there will be someone to spend each Friday evening with, a special someone, and it will be all worth it. These Friday night blues will be gone, as I talk and laugh and be with the one God has planned for me.

For now, I am content to wait. Even on Fridays.

Edited to add: Please understand - I know things won't be perfect, and every Friday night of marriage won't be all sweet and wonderful. Marriage is hard work. But, I am looking forward to it.


Mardi said...

Anna, I can relate to the "Friday Night Blues." I understand exactly. Being single always seems to bother me more on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and on special occassions. But like you I know it will all work out in God's timing, and the man God has for me to marry will be more than worth waiting for! I am praying for you.

Elijah Lofgren said...

You're an inspiration and encouragement Anna. God bless you. May you feel God close to you tonight and every night. Way to turn the tough times into something positive.

Keep pressing on!

Love ya,


eliasboudinotismyfriend said...

Thank you Anna! This is what I needed tonight... you are not the only one feeling like this at the moment! Yes, I will be content to wait. How is college coming? Had any major exams yet?

Anonymous said...

Anna, you are truly beautiful, from the inside out. You care so much for others and seek to follow the Lord in everything and I have no doubt that he has wonderful plans for you. God bless you.

Maria Pauline

Mamselle Clare Duroc said...

Thank you so much for a beautiful and inspiring post. I'm in a very 'blues-y' mood, and this was just what I needed. God keep you!

Luke and Michele said...

Even though it is hard and you look forward to the day you are married, enjoy the time you have now to prepare yourself for marriage and to grow in Christ.
It will all happen in God's perfect timing!
Psalm 84:11b "no good thing does He withold from those whose walk is blameless."

Anna Naomi said...

Thank you all for your comments!

Miriam: College is going well. Busy, but well. I haven't had any major tests yet, though I have had a few quizzes. This next week a lot of the first tests are happening, so I pray they go well.

Michele: I know that marriage will happen in God's timing, and I am trying to use this time to prepare. Times of loneliness can teach us many things.

Sloan said...

Dear Anna,

I had JUST posted a post about "Girls and Boys" on my blog.
About how to save up our whole heart for that one special man out there. Lord willing of course! :)
I am praying for you Anna, I can't imagine how it must be for you without family, but with the help of friends and of course the Lord, you will make it just fine!
Blessed is the man who is meant for you Anna.

Just like Elijah said, you are an INSPIRATION.

God bless you Anna,

Sloan <><

Cecilia Rose said...

Hi Anna,

I can totally relate, and it is easy to feel sorry for oneself...God has a plan for each of us, though, and it's grander than we can ever imagine!!

God Bless,
Cecilia Rose

Jack's Mommy said...

you sound just the way I use to feel. I never wanted to go "looking" either, always trusting that one day God would provide the one meant for me. (He did). I use to pray for my "future" husband too...what he was doing at the moment, where he was, for God to guide his life and finish working on him before sending him to me...I knew that God knew where my mate was, even if I didn't at that time.

Keep up the faith - and God WILL be faithful. :)

Bonnie S said...

This was a sweet post Anna! It is beautiful to see you waiting :-) May God bless you richly as you seek to wait upon the Lord, and rest in His promises.

HsKubes' Gal said...

Thank you for sharing your heart. Your honesty is a great encouragment. May the Lord strengthen you and bless you as you wait for your perfect will!

Matthew said...

Though perhaps the Lord did not have matrimonial concerns foremost in His mind at the time, Matthew 5:14-16 may be relevant to your predicament (if it can be so described).