Monday, August 18, 2008

Sewing with Jubilee

Before I left for college, Jubilee knew that she needed to learn to sew. After all, there should be at least one resident seamstress in the Lofgren house at all times, right? =) She had done some sewing before, but hadn't been interested that much, so I didn't push it. It's better to learn something when you want to learn something, so that you end up actually enjoying it. It took longer to get to it then we originally planned, but after the musical was over, we had more time to actually sit down and sew.

While Jubilee sewed, I worked on other projects, helping her when I needed to. It was great sister time, and I enjoyed teaching her to sew. She was a quick learner, and did really well! Though she's not sure she enjoys sewing as much as I do, she's done quite well, and now has this skill under her fingertips.

She first started on a dress using discount fabric from the $1 table at Walmart. This fabric, however, ended up being very low-quality, and didn't sew well, so we stopped that dress and started another.Jubilee made the above dress to wear at my sister Miriam's wedding, since it has her plum color in it. We used a simple pattern, Simplicity #9597, which I believe is out of print. But, you can probably find it online if you want to. I've made the pattern quite a few times, and enjoy the fact that it's quick and easy, having no zipper and simple seams. We added a sash made out of the satin we used for the bridesmaids' dresses. Jubilee made it over a few sessions on 2-3 days, and did very well!

Her next dress was a little more difficult, having princess seams. However, it too went together pretty quickly, despite a few initial snags. I'm afraid I don't know the pattern number and don't have my patterns to look it up, but if Jubilee or Miriam wants to comment with the number (it's the same one we used for the choir dresses), that'd be great!

Time flew quickly, so Jubilee actually didn't finish until the day before I left, sewing while I worked to pack up my room. But, she finished in time! Again, this dress was nice because it didn't have a zipper, just pulls over the head and has back ties. The fabric was a little pricey, but it was so pretty and such good quality, and will last for a long time. The green also looks lovely with Jubi's red hair.

Jubilee, great job! I enjoyed sewing with you, and hope that you'll have fun making things in the future.

If you've never taught someone to sew, consider doing it! It's rewarding to see what they can accomplish, and fairly easy to teach them step-by-step. The only thing it requires is a lot of time to be with them (but you can do other things while they work) and extra thinking to be one step ahead! If you've never learned to sew, consider asking someone who knows how to teach you. You may be surprised at how many know how to sew and wouldn't mind teaching a novice!


Miriam Rebekah said...

Nice dresses, Jubi! You did very well, especially on the one with princess seams. I haven't even tried those yet.

Ella said...

I bet it was a wonderful time of sister bonding!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

Sorry, this is off topic, but I had a couple of questions I've been meaning to ask. Can you tell me what translation of the Bible you read and why? Also, I had noticed in some pictures that showed the dining area in your house, that there are some interesting things on the walls, but couldn't quite make them out. Are they scriptures and if so, which ones?


Julie C. from Maine

Anna Naomi said...

Julie: I read from the NIV translation, mainly because that's what my parents used as I grew up, so I got used to it, and also I've memorized so many portions of Scripture in it. If you're looking for a new translation, I've heard the ESV is good. Because I've memorized so much in the NIV, I'm not planning to switch until I get married (if the Lord wills!) and then I'll probably use whatever translation my husband uses.

The things on the walls were all Scripture verses, which would be too many to name! My mom enjoys making posters with Scripture and different fonts and graphics. The ones in our kitchen are ones we've memorized, and I think a lot of the ABC verses from Proverbs that she's put to music.

Harmony said...

Hey girls! Great post! I wish I knew how to sew. No one in my family sews so I'm having a hard time finding someone to teach me? Any chance you'll be coming to Durango Colorado anytime soon? (haha! Just kidding. But if you ever do...)


PS Come check out my new blog! It's

Anonymous said...

Great job Jubilee! Is it just me, or does she seem to like wearing the color purple?

Teaching sewing is so much fun. I definitely second Anna on that.

Maria Pauline

Kim said...

The last dress is so pretty and looks so well on her!
She did a GREAT job!

Donna said...

Hi, I'm just beginning to get back into dresses and, would you believe, I'm 53 years old! I would love to know the pattern # with the princess seams. ( I'm a ladies size 12) You girls have beautiful hearts!!!
Anyone with SIMPLE modest pattern suggestions is welcome to email me at
Thank you! Donna