Saturday, August 09, 2008

Girly Things Discussion: Nail Polish

Anna's Thoughts:

Right now, I hardly ever wear nail polish. When I was younger, I went through the stage of wanting to wear it all the time, but as my Dad only let me wear light pink or clear nail polish, I soon stopped wearing it much at all. Though at the time I thought it was unfair that I could only wear one color, I now see his point of view and have come to respect his decision.

I don't think that other colors are bad, though they can sometimes be distracting. There are some colors with certain connotations (such as bright red representing "sexy" and black representing "goth" or depression) that I'd probably caution to stay away from. I think it can be cute and pretty when others paint their nails to match an outfit, but it's just a matter of if you want to take the time to do it. Plus, you probably should ask your family or husband (if you're married) what they think of it, because they often have a lot of good insights! Since my Dad doesn't like any unnatural colors (thus, only allowing pink or clear) I am now happy to abide by his wishes.

Whether you paint your nails or not, you should try to keep your hands clean and well-kept, with cared for nails clipped - not bitten! =) - to a nice length. It doesn't mean that your hands should look unused - it's no shame to work hard and your hands will probably show it somewhat! But soap and water go a long way, and lotion can helped with chapped hands, etc. Also, nail polish that is chipping looks tacky, so you'll want to take the time to remove old polish if you do paint your nails.

Miriam's Thoughts:

Anna convicted me when she said to keep your nails clipped and not bitten. I used to have the dreadful habit of always biting my nails and I now see how bad it was. I finally got out of the habit but as a result, my fingernails and cuticles aren't as nice as they should be. So I second Anna, if you are in the habit, please try and stop or don't start it at all. Okay, now that I've lectured... =) I also said that as a preface to my fingernail polish experience. You see, as a young girl, my nails were always dirty and just terrible, so if I had the inclination (once in a blue moon) to paint my nails, Mother would say no because I wouldn't take care of my hands. But I just wasn't interested in it either. I was such a rough-and-tumble girl that I was always hitting my feet and hands on objects which made it useless to try and keep polish on. I probably haven't painted my nails 20 times in my seventeen years.

Mother's color standards were a very light color on the nails (usually pink) and a darker color was allowed on the toenails. I usually have fun with my toes when I do decide to paint them. Right now I actually have a red polish on my toes, but I wouldn't wear it out in public. Personally, it's just a little too bold for me. I have my favorite polish on my fingernails at this moment. It's a soft pink that blends with my hands and I love the fact that it doesn't feel like it's smothering my fingers, either.

So, all in all, I think it's fine to wear nail polish, I just don't do it very often at all.

Now, would you please share?
  • What are your thoughts on nail polish?
  • Do you wear all colors or stay away from some?
  • What are your reasons for wearing / not wearing it?


Anonymous said...

I really like this discussion forum; I love reading everybody's responses!

I tend to put nail polish in the same category as make-up merely because you have to apply it. Being a farm girl and a kitchen maid ;) I don't wear nail polish. In my opinion it takes too much time, and, for me, there's too much worry. I don't paint my nails well either... My hands end up with more polish on them than my nails! I also think that many polishes and removers are harmful to the overall health of the nails, and my nails are so pitiful anyway (truly, it's genetic...) that I don't want to do anything that could possibly harm them more.

Well, there's my two cents. I'm looking forward to reading everybody else's!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I have very nice nails that are long, clear, and strong, therefore I prefer to keep my nails the way they are. Besides, I find that nail polish is a lot of work.

But I do occasionally paint my toes. I prefer lighter colors, though I do have a maroon that I like. Nail polish is certainly not something I spend my money on.

Maria Pauline

Kelsa said...

I enjoy painting my toenails bright colors (especially for summer). However, I rarely paint my fingernails and when I do it's usually light colors or (my favorite) a french manicure.
I've found that simply shaping your nails and giving them a good buff makes them look very nice..and natural.
My main reason for not painting my fingernails bright colors is that I don't like the way it looks on me. But I can see how it could easily become consuming...just something I've never dealt with.

Anonymous said...

Do you wear all colors or stay away from some? I've only ever worn clear. :D
What are your reasons for wearing / not wearing it? It takes alot of time to put on (for me anyway) I can't seem to make it look good, and it chips off easily and then I have to redo it!!!
I paint them sometimes but not very often. :D
I use this nail stuff called "Hoof Alive". Its actually made for horses (I buy it at our local feed store) It helps with hang-nails and dry skin. Since using it I have been able to grow my nails longer without them breaking.
Julia in Oklahoma

Felecia said...

I just wanted to add "my 2 cents": I only wear clear nail polish sometimes. I consider colored polish or paint in the "make-up" category and therefore I don't wear anything besides clear - I don't wear makeup, I feel God doesn't want us to paint up ourselves as in the Bible example of Jezebel. But anyways, that's all I have to say. I'm glad there are people out there trying to be modest! nice site! :D

Olivia Howard said...

I love all things girly, so I love these discussion posts.
I NEVER (although I used to) paint my fingernails anything but clear, if at all. My reason for this is because I've found I can never get the polish out from under and beside my cuticles. Hence, it always would look bad. If I paint them clear it is because I'm going somewhere or doing something that will require me to use my nails and hands a lot-- it makes them stonger.

I ALWAYS (sorry, I'd use italics if I could) have my toenails painted. My reason? Because under my toenails are generally always dirty, so nail polish (usually a dark, burgandy red. It's very pretty and my dad's favorite shade) covers that up.

That's what works for me. My parents only had the rule that my nails had to look nice for church, otherwise they didn't really mind interesting nail designs and colors.

I bite my nails, but they always have white on them. I dread the thought of not having white on my nails. :-P

Thanks for this post, and I'd love to know more , felecia, about "I feel God doesn't want us to paint up ourselves as in the Bible example of Jezebel." I'd never heard that before! Please share more!


sydney said...

Interesting! I usually don't paint my fingernails, since I wash dishes a lot (at home) and stuff happens and it looks chipped...not my favorite look at all! However, for special occasions I will sometimes do them up and every blue moon I do a shimmery one with a hint of pink in it...the chips don't show so bad. As for my toenails, I like to paint them, especially in the summer! Though, it does take a while because I like to do them really well, so there's less chance of it wearing off so soon. I like to do a coral kind of color (my dad really likes it too), since it's a really good color on me and compliments my skin tone really nicely. Sometimes I get a French manicure/pedicure for fun! :-)

My mom likes to paint her nails, wear make-up, wear dangly earrings and other jewelry, etc. Same goes for me! Both my parents don't see a problem with dressing up and enhancing beauty in a natural way. Meaning...not overboard. My dad really likes it when my mom, myself or any of my sisters dress ourselves up in those ways and compliments us on it! However, he compliments us anyway. :-) Black nail polish has never been allowed, because of the dark, ugly (possibly goth) look. In our family, us girls were not allowed to paint our nails until we were 5-years-old, because it wasn't worthwhile at such a young age. At such time, red isn't allowed until we are older, as my mom has thought it to be a tad bold for wee girls. Weird colors, like blue, green, etc. we were never allowed to get, simply because it didn't look very attractive usually...not very natural looking. I have come to the opinion that I don't care for those colors on ME, so I don't wear them.

I live in Southern California and I wear flip-flops ALL the time! I love to show pretty painted toes...the bright coral makes me feel extra summery. :-) I don't see a problem with it when done in a nice way. However, it can be overdone. IMHO.

BTW, I have a question for Miriam. Why did you paint your nails red if you don't wish to be seen with it on?

There's my humble opinion.

Shalom! :-)

Laura said...

I like to paint my nails in order to get me to take care of them. I am a fidgiter and I sometimes pick at my nails and they chip and look bad, or use them for stuff I shouldn't so they get torn up and look bad, or else I don't wash my hands when I should. It it gets bad and I often notice and feel bad about my messy hands, I try to paint them. If I have my nails painted, it is easier to remember to take care of them. Also, if I paint them with nail strengthener, they don't break or chip as much. I also think it looks nice. I like all colors, but I think light colors look best with my skin. Right now I have light greenish blueish polish on. I never paint my toenails because I am really unflexible and nearsighted and it is hard to reach/see well enough to do a good job.

Miriam Rebekah said...

I'm sorry I wasn't clearer. =)

I'm a rather laided-back person when it comes to what colors I wear (clothing or anything).

I haven't left the house for the past couple of weeks, so I decided I just wanted to have some fun and paint my nails red. It is something I generally would never do and it just has to do with personal preference.

I hope I made sense. =)

Ella said...

Miriam, up until a few years ago, I had a bad habit of biting my nails. But thankfully, my parents helped me stop that.

I never paint my fingernails. Probably because I bit them. But I can think sometimes that it looks really unnatural.

Now, I do love to paint my toes. I usually use either a pink or a burgandy red. I don't go for anything wild--that's not me. But since I live in a cold weather climate, I only paint my toes in the summertime. It isn't good to have them constantly painted, so my mom says.

Anonymous said...

My opinion of nail polish is this: I do enjoy painting my nails and toenails from time to time (mostly in the summer) but I need to be careful not to get caught up in constantly re-painting them. I need to be content with just my natural nails instead of covering them up because I'm not satisfied with what God has given me. I do like to paint my toenails more than my finger nails though...I guess, to me, polish on my fingers looks very un-natural. I usually wear light colors of pink... I have thought about red before but my parents and I agree that bold or bright colors draw too much attention to ones self and that my mother and i should stay away from them. I was allowed to wear coral nail polish on my toes for my open house though as it matched my outfit. I feel, as with makeup, that it can be fun if applied in a modesty and pure way, but not something that must be done...I should feel confident with the person that God made me to be and not try to change who I am by painting myself on the outside.

So, there it is...this is my first time doing this so I hope I did ok :D

Because of Grace,
Maiden Princess

Sarah said...

I love painting my nails, and usually have them painted pink, this golden brown color, or purple etc. I don't think black is very appropriate and I'm not allowed to wear it, but if used with pink or maybe with white polka dots atop the black, perhaps it wouldn't be so "goth". I have been known to wear bright blue and yellow etc but I don't think my motives were wrong. I wasn't allowed to wear red when I was little at all, but now I paint my toenails red frequently. As I mentioned, if you want to go out of your way to get noticed and therefore use extravagant or elaborate colors, you should check your heart. But as an overall rule I don't have specific stipulations regarding nail polish besides avoiding black.

Most importantly, keep your nails clean, healthy, and unbitten and that will be prettier than any manicure!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for starting this series on girly things; I am really enjoying hearing other people's opinions on certain issues, and having to express my own. :)

Like Ella, I used to be a nail-biter until I got braces 2 years ago, which made it rather difficult to bite them anymore. So I had no choice but to quit, and I finally have nails again!

If I wear nail polish (which is very rare) I wear clear nail polish, merely for the purpose of strengthening my nails. One reason why I don't wear nail polish is that it constantly chips off, especially if you wash dishes or do other activities using your hands and fingers on a regular basis, and it has to be reapplied often to look nice. Personally I think it is vain to have to worry about our finger nails all the time. I believe that if we keep our fingernails well groomed, and consume a healthy diet rich in calcium, there is no need to enhance their beauty using unnatural color, as they will be beautiful and healthy enough without it.

God created us beautifully, in His image. I know I am not alone in thinking and sometimes dwelling on the fact that some girls are more beautiful than I am, but I believe outward beauty is not important. What matters is the condition of our hearts before God, and whether we have received salvation or not. And even if nobody else thinks our hands, faces, etc. are beautiful, God does. We shouldn't try to seek the approval of other humans, because they will ultimately cause us pain. The Lord loves us for who we are because we were created by Him and for His pleasure and enjoyment. Psalm 149:4 says "For the LORD taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation." (KJV)
Therefore, we should seek to please and honor Him in all aspects of our life, but also in the way we conduct and present ourselves.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. :) Sometimes I get a little windy and carried away. I have said what I felt the Lord laid on my heart to say.

~Allie in KY~

Anna Naomi said...

Thanks to all of you girls for sharing! If any men read this blog, feel free to share your thoughts as well. And anyone else that wants to add, please go ahead!

Some of you mentioned nail biting... I used to have a problem with it, but when I got braces when I was 10, they told me I wasn't allowed to bite my nails, so I didn't. The 2 years of braces thankfully broke the habit!

Again, thank you all for sharing! It's fun to read each one's thoughts!

Luke and Michele said...

Overall I would think that wearing nail polish is a personal preference that is ultimately decided by one's father if you are not married or your husband if you are married. The Bible doesn't give clear commands about it.

So, my answers would be that I have no problem with wearing nail polish or having our daughter wear it. My husband has no problem with what colors we wear or certain colors having a certain meaning than others. He tells us its pretty when we paint our nails. :)


Anonymous said...

I hardly ever paint my fingernails because I play the piano and harp, and I have to clip my nails so often that it really isn't worth it. Plus, with all the cooking, cleaning, outside work and washing dishes that I do, it really, really isn't worth the effort. :) For special occasions I'll do a French manicure or paint them clear or light pink, or to match my outfit.
I always keep my toenails painted. though. A light pink, or sometimes darker pink.

Kim said...

Interesting post!

I enjoy painting my toe nails and fingernails. :0)
I stay away from black too. (although I have seen ladies wear black on their toenails, and it was tastefully done, and didn't look bad...) Some ladies can pull off black nail polish without it looking bad. (I, on the other hand, couldn't.)

I normally paint my fingernails lighter colors, such as pink and purple, but sometimes I mess around and paint them red or something, if it goes with my church outfit...but normally I stay away from dark colors on my fingernails.

I wear flip flops like 24/7, so I enjoy keeping my toenails painted. :0) I paint my toenails more bold colors, but I do stay away from some colors. Although I have seen, EVERY color tastefully done.

I've also found that to liven up lighter colors, you can put fingernail diamonds or flowers on your nails, OR variegate different colors. That's always pretty. :0)

I used to bite my nails too...but, thankfully, I haven't for a couple of years now. :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna & Miriam,

OK, this may sound a little gross, but about a year ago I went to the doctor because three toe nails on one foot were growing thick and just weird. She informed me that I had a common fungus and that she could give me a prescription, but I'd have to be on the medication for months and it had some unpleasant side effects. She said it wasn't serious enough to put me on the medication. So, what do you do when it's sandal wearing weather? I now paint my toes red or pink to cover up the fungus problem. Sometimes I think it's fun, but I wish I could just not have to do it sometimes. Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with it.


Julie C. from Maine

Allison said...

If I paint my nails (which is rare) I usually do clear, or sometimes a light pink. My parents have only allowed light pinks, and medium pinks on our toes.

Lily said...

I like these discussions too!

I enjoy painting my nails every now and then. My dad does not care for crazy colors or painted nails that are chipped. Plus, I swim three days a week during the year and when I swim the nail polish comes off. But is it nice to have my nails painted a light shade once in a while. Yes, it does take some time to paint them!


Miss Kitty said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now, I love it so much!
I wear nail polish, I am so lazy about it though. My fingernails are almost always bare, right now there is "french manicure pink" on them. I have very rarely put a dark pink on my fingers, but I always take it off soon. I do however, put all colors on my toes except black,in the summer, because my toes look really cracked and like old peoples toes if I don't! I do it to make me feel better instead of for attention. I live the girly things! Keep it up!
Miss Kitty

Anonymous said...

Hey, these posts are really neat. Do you think you could discuss shaving in an upcoming post?


KikI said...

hello anna :)

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see. I don't see anything wrong with nail polish. I don't wear is much. I too used to bite my nails, so they aren't as nice. I love the lighter colors! I don't wear dark colors too much. I occasionally wear some crazy color just for the fun of it, but I usually take it off the next day. I don't wear black, I don't like it. It makes you look depressed, and disrespectful (in my opinion). I have worn red once or twice, but I don't really care for that either. I tend to go for the lighter colors (if I wear it at all). I think my favorite is the lightest one I have. :)


Renee said...

I don't wear nail polish. In fact, the last time I wore nail polish was at a friend's birthday party. She had a "spa" birthday, and the plan was to soak your hands in milk (??) to make them softer, then to paint your nails. I painted mine clear, as not to appear rude, then once I got home I removed it. I don't like it at all, because when you try to eat finger foods, the taste gets all in your mouth. =( Plus I've always been a tom-boy, and I do too many things with my hands to have to worry about the polish rubbing off.

I suppose that sums it up!


Vanessa said...

hey, this is a great discussion! i love hearing the stories and opinions of others. anywho, i never paint my nails. i used to paint them when i was ten or so but when i got contact lenses i had to stop because chipped polish could give me an infection and to be honest, i'm not the best at getting the polish remover haha. it's my belief though that as long as your nails are clean and moderately trimmed, nobody really cares what they look like. i don't typically notice someone's nail color unless i try to pay attention to it. with that being said, painting them is an enormous waste of time for me and i just dislike having them painted because it makes my fingers feel weird. my piano teacher doesn't like painted nails either haha. if you like to paint your nails, that's fine, but i personally see it as a bit distasteful besides very light colors and french manicures. i don't like fake nails and bold colors because they're tacky, not because they send any messages. in the end, i think that what you think of your nails and generally of yourself should matter more than what your friends or family think of them. not to say that you shouldn't consider their opinions but you shouldn't forget about what you personally think.

Jae said...

Hey, as a general rule I don't wear polish on my fingers nails because I don't like how heavy it feels in contrast to my nails being "naked", and that I think that musicians as a whole shouldn't wear it. Now, on the flip side, I really like having colors on my toe nails. Considering that I rarely show my feet it allows me to have fun. I love bright colors, like I just bought this awesome royal blue the other day. I always try to do it well though, like a put clear coat on first, I find that dark colors don't stain as bad, and it keeps my nail from getting dried out. But I do think that you should let your nails (fingers and toes) rest every once in a while by taking everthing off of them and buffing them. It feels good to pamper your nails every once in awhile.
Well, there's my two cents.


Jo-snazz said...

Hi! Great Post. I only wear light pink nail polish, or give myself a french manicure. I don't think you should over do it. I like my nails to look decent and professional. I always wear then short because I play the piano, but I also just like the way it feels. I never knew that certain colors meant certain things, perhaps if I did I wouldn't have let my grandma do my toes in a really pretty bright red... :) I also go bearfoot as much as possible (I disdain heels), so if I did my toes a lot, it would just wear off real fast anyway. By the way, I love your blog. It is very encouraging.

Anonymous said...

I have never worn nail polish EVER, not in my whole life. I don't really care for it, besides my parents and I do not like painted-up nails. :-P I think that clear nail polish would be fine if you were trying to cover up some fungus or something like that, but otherwise? No.
That's my 2 cents. :-)

~In Christ, Rachel~

Anonymous said...

I, personally, do not like nail polish on my fingers. It just doesn't feel natural.
However, I do enjoy nail polish on my toes because it adds a pretty touch to sandals and flip-flops.
I have one question...does red really mean "sexy"? If so, I will remove my red polish immediately!

Anna Naomi said...

Anonymous: I am no authority on the subject. In my opinion, red does tend to give "sexy" overtones, but I know that others probably have other opinions, and others it probably doesn't bother a bit. So, don't take my opinions as the authority on the subject. Pray about it, and decide for yourself what you should do!

Amy Elizabeth Thomson said...


I'm commenting a bit late, is that ok?


•What are your thoughts on nail polish?

I don't really think it's nice to wear nail polish.

•Do you wear all colors or stay away from some?

I only wear clear nail polish/nail hardener.

•What are your reasons for wearing / not wearing it?

I recently stopped biting my nails, and my nails were very weak, so to strengthen them, I use nail hardener. (It also helps me to stop picking them!) It does get to be a pain when it chips off in like a few hours!!

God bless,


Brooke said...

Okay, I love nail polish. Right now, they are dark purple with lime green spots, so that might be bold for some people, (like the hot pink with black zebra stripes is also bold.) but, I have a very bold personality, so it works for me. I think as long as the nail polish doesn't promote anything that is ungodly or unChristian, than it is okay.

Anonymous said...
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