Friday, August 22, 2008

College Dorm Decor

Since quite a few people have asked, below are pictures of my part of my college dorm room. I am very blessed to be able to stay in a larger dorm room than some other places I've visited, and I really like the fact that we have suite style bathrooms instead of community ones.

We each have our own closet, which is really nice! I found I can store a lot of things in mine as well. =) The hanging organizer contains towels, sheets, food, toiletries, and small bags/containers. The upper shelf has my laundry supplies and extra bags. On the side I fold up and store my ironing board, with the iron right above it. And yes, that white thing on the bottom is the container that stores my sewing machine. I just couldn't bear to leave it, though I don't think I'll have much extra time to use it! Obviously, there are clothes hanging up, and my shoes are lined up on the bottom of the closet.

The sink in our room is quite convenient - it's between the two closets and opposite the door leading to the bathroom. My toiletries are in a somewhat jumbled/organized mess to the left.

We also each have our own desk and chair. Daddy set up my computer for me, and found shelves to put my printer on to make it convenient. I brought the bookshelf from home, and some books I just couldn't leave behind. =) The top has pictures of friends, and the shelf and down below are pictures of my family. It's encouraging to see them, and reminds me to pray for them. Various necessary items are stored in the drawers.

Opposite my desk are the rest of my items, a bed with the dresser and bookshelf that was already in the room pushed underneath. The lovely lavender bedspread was found by Mrs. Hart online at a great price, which I promptly ordered. The blanket folded at the end was crocheted for me as a very generous graduation present. The chair is very comfy to sit in and read, write, or study. We had to make a last Walmart run after we got here to get the rug and tall lamp, as well as the small table which contains a few more pictures and my alarm clock.

The walls are rather bare right now, but I'll probably add pictures and things as time passes. It took me a while to figure out how to hang up my Proverbs 31 poster, but eventually learned how the "command strips" work (you have to press on them and hold for 30 seconds for them to stay).

I'm trying to stay in a habit of keeping things organized, making my bed soon after I get up, putting away clothes as I take them off, and straightening and putting things away soon after I come into the room. I'm continuing my 6 a.m. habit on weekdays, for with 8 a.m. classes every day, that leaves me plenty of time to wake up, have devotions, dress, and eat breakfast. The only challenging thing is continuing to go to bed a decent hour, but I shall try hard!

My roommate is very nice, and her things are set up somewhat like mine, close to the window, which looks out over a lovely pond with fountains. She also has a keyboard (she's a music major), which she says I can play, so that's nice! I don't have time to take music this semester, so it will be great when I just have to sit down and play something. In fact, I think that's what I'll go and do right now!

I hope you enjoyed this little "tour" of my room! It is starting to feel somewhat like home away from home.


Missy said...

Everything looks great! Have a wonderful freshman year!

Kat with a K said...

Your room looks great! And I'm so glad that your roommate is nice. That's a big help.

Anonymous said...

Fun to see pictures! God bless you!

Maria Pauline

Ellen (or Beckett) said...

Goodness, I just had a wave of nostalgia for my own dorm days. Ah, the cinder block walls and creative furniture arrangement! You've done a great job of personalizing your space.


sydney said... lovely! Thanks for sharing the pics. I love your organized mess on the sink...reminds me of my desk. LOL! ;-)

Shalom! :-)

Ella said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, my dear! I know you will do your best to make it home away from home!

Bonnie S said...

Hey it's neat to see photos of your room! I love how everything is so colourful, and it all matches!! :-)

God bless!

Sammybunny said...

yay! So glad that you shared pictures! I should totally share pictures of my dorm is always so exciting to see what others do in their rooms (such small spaces!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. It is a big adjustment to get used to other people and their habits, but it can be done and I am sure you will enjoy having people around. I had to get used to 'hanging out' too. The Lord really helped me with this one and lately (in my senior year) I am a bit more comfortable now. I am glad you can go to a Christian college where the atmosphere to hang out is probably much better than a secular school.

Bethany said...

Your room looks lovely!