Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A bit of Satin, Ribbon, and Braid

There's something so fun about wedding things! Also, at what other time do you have the opportunity to make such cute white things? On Saturday evening, I sewed up the ring bearer's pillow for my sister's wedding and had a pleasant hour making it!

All the materials used were leftovers from other projects. I used white satin from the ruffle I'd made for my Victorian dress, and overlayed it with the material we'd used as the flower girl's overlay. The white ribbon around the edge was off of a bolt I'd bought for various other projects, and the smaller ribbons to tie the rings on were off the bolt I bought to tie bows on the party favor baskets at my birthday. The braid around the top was the leftovers from the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. It was fun to be able to make a pillow that coordinates with the dresses!

On the back, I sewed a ribbon across the pillow so that our cute nephew/ring bearer will be able to hold on to it easily.

Above, I used two of my rings to show how easy it is to tie the rings on. Just one knot keeps them quite secure, and they rest in the indentation I made.

Part of the reason for the post was to show my sister Miriam how the pillow turned out - hope you like it, Miriam! =) Let me know if you want any changes.


Miriam said...


The pillow looks great! Thanks for making it for me. You did a wonderful job - I wouldn't change a thing!

Michele - you should ask Zach what he thinks of it :)

Anonymous said...


Luke and Michele said...

I showed it to Zach. I asked him what it was. He said "a pillow" I told him it was the one he'd carry in Aunt Mimi's wedding. He said "Oh, its pretty." :) Guess that means he likes it!


Ella said...

You did a lovely job, Anna!

Miriam Rebekah said...

Beautiful, Anna!

Wonderful job, as usual.

Sammybunny said...

It's beautiful!