Friday, July 11, 2008

Thoughts on Biblical Womanhood Requested

For my 18th birthday, I began compiling a notebook on Biblical womanhood. I enjoyed embroidering and sewing a cover for a notebook, and asked each of the guests to bring a letter instead of a gift, including their favorite verses on Womanhood and why they were meaningful, as well as practical advice on how to apply Biblical womanhood to my season of life. Each of the letters were very special to receive, encouraging and challenging. I've enjoyed all of them, from the ones from the mothers to those of younger girls.

To continue in the compilation of this notebook, I'm asking for your help! If you'd be willing, I'd enjoy receiving and adding your thoughts on Biblical womanhood to my notebook. Whether short or long, I'd really appreciate you sharing your favorite verse(s) on womanhood and why they are meaningful to you, any great quotes on womanhood or examples of women who exemplify Biblical womanhood, and any advice you'd have for me on how to live as a Godly woman in my season of life, as I go off to college in the fall.

You can leave me a comment with your thoughts or email me, and I'll print them off on pretty paper to add to my notebook. Also, if you know of great articles, quotes or poems that would be on topic for this notebook, please let me know where I can find them! I hope to keep and refer to this notebook, adding to it over the years, as I continue my journey in living as a woman who fears the Lord.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Sloan said...

Hi Anna,

This is a wonderful poem that I love and I thought you might enjoy. :)

Arise Woman Of God

Rise up O woman of God
In what He has given you
The things God has laid on your heart
Rise up, go forth, and do

Unlock what God has placed within
The potential you have inside
The world is waiting for your release
To expand your wings and fly

Arise in your God-given gifts
For this is your finest hour
Arise in the Lord’s holy might
Ignited and empowered

For God is calling you to come forth
To impact this world for Him
Don’t hold back or limit yourself
Let His power arise within

And take His message to the world
To those that have lost their way
For you can surely make a difference
If you’d hear His voice and obey

You shall be strengthened in the Lord
As you begin to arise
Conquering those doubts that pull you down
And believe who you are in Christ

For you shall surely be transformed
As, in you, God increases more
And become a woman of true excellence
Bringing honour to her Lord

By M.S.Lowndes

Anna Naomi said...

That is a beautiful poem, Sloan, and will be a great addition to my notebook. Thank you for sharing it!

Ella said...

Anna dear, I am working on mine. I have wanted it to be worded and done just right! A labor of sisterly love it is!

This was such a wonderful idea to do! Definitely more meaningful than presents!

Natalie Marie said...

A favorite quote for you, Anna:

The influence of applied femininity is, by any measure, incredibly determinative. In every culture, in every age, the power is awesome. And dangerous. As with any significant reservoir of power it may be used for good or ill. Its impact may be constructive or destructive. Like a mighty river, it is a force that may turn the turbines and generate power that will light up a community, a home, and a man's whole life. But undisciplined and unchecked, it may devastate, demoralize, and utterly destroy.

Some women have no clue how much actual power they hold, and those are the women who destroy their husbands by default. Other women are acutely aware of their power and make a conscious decision to become high controllers. But still other women, keenly aware of the power God has vested in their femininity, make a deliberate choice to use that power only for good.

- Stu Weber, Four Pillars of a Man's Heart, pages 258-259

Anna said...


I know you don't know me, but I thought I would leave some thoughts anyway as I know what it's like to leave home and go away to college.
The best advice I can give is to pray faithfully and read your Bible. Before I went away to school (from Vermont to Cleveland, Ohio), I made a vow to God that no matter how busy classes got, I would not neglect my morning prayer and reading. As a result, I feel that being at that school far from home enabled some of the best spiritual growth I have ever experienced. There's something about being close to God in a worldly environment that makes a person feel the difference very keenly. During this time, I felt that God was truly my greatest friend.
I didn't stay long at that school because I married my husband and transferred closer to home, but that's another story. =)
I wish you much growth in the days to come, Anna. Keep your heart soft and honest and the Lord will be faithful.

Best wishes,

Anna Brown

Anna Naomi said...

Ella: That's fine! Whenever you finish it will be great. =)

Natalie: Thank you for sharing that quote - I can see why it is a favorite of yours! I'll add it to my collection.

Anna: Thank you for your advice! I will print it out and add it. I really enjoy hearing from those who have gone before me!

Robert said...

Here are two quotes that I've come across.

"The career of motherhood and homemaking is beyond value and needs no justification.It's importance is incalculable."

Katherine short

"When a woman is faithful,she is admired;but there are modest women who do not have the vanity of wanting to be admired."


Here is a link to a post I found called To Be a Lady

Anna Naomi said...

Thanks Robert! Those are good quotes!

Zhey Chua said...

The best that I can give you would be Proverbs 31: 10-31. But you are only 18 and you probably still have a long way to go before you decide to get married and have children. So for now, why don't I just point you to Colossians 3. This whole chapter sets the rules for Holy Living and St. Paul has laid down the rules quite clearly in this epistle.

Have fun in school and in your Christian walk. :)