Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stay in Shape with Housework!

*in an upbeat and energetic voice*

Are your days full, with you never seeming to find time to exercise? Get in shape with housework! You'll feel better and have more energy, and the house will be a whole lot cleaner!

Feeling the need to release stress?

Grab the rugs off of your floor and head outside to the nearest sturdy tree, then shake away. You'll be working your arms and body as you bang the heavy rugs against the tree, and you can beat them as much as you want to!


Make up a big batch of bread and knead it for 10 minutes. The dough won't mind how hard you punch it!

For an all-body work-out, energetically sweep the floor or sidewalk, vacuum, or scrub floors. See how quickly you can move!

If you want to work your arms, do any of the above and more! Get them moving as you dust, wash windows, or hang up laundry. Have a fussy baby or toddler? Cheer him up you lift him up and down and up and down...

Want to strengthen your legs? Do releves (rise up on your toes and back down, keeping your knees straight) while you cook or do something else standing still. As you enthusiastically punch your bread, see how long you can balance on your tippy toes - and feel your calves get strong! Or, give a child a horsey ride on your foot!

There's no end to the things you can do around the house, indoors and out! You'll feel better and have more energy, not to mention the emotional benefits! You'll be thrilled as you see the dirt disappear and the floors start to sparkle! There's just something about making things look clean!

*in fast, garbled voice*

Results may vary. Energy levels not guaranteed. Proceed with caution. You may find yourself unable to stop cleaning and getting rid of dirt. There have been rare reports of women staying up to all hours organizing. Clean at your own risk.


Okay, so I was just having fun making things up. =) But it is true that you burn calories doing housework, that you often feel more energetic after doing it, and that it will usually make you feel happy to see things clean!

I know you thought of things to add to this "cleaning commercial" so have fun coming up with creative ideas in the comments section! What other sales pitches could you give to household chores?


Luke and Michele said...

Got young children? Your exercise during housework will DOUBLE in value! You heard right! It will DOUBLE in value! With small children running around your house, there's no end to the cleaning which means you'll be exercising continuously. Just think of all the calories you will burn while cleaning your house and taking care of your children.

hee hee! That was a fun blog, Anna. :)
love ya,

Maria Pauline said...

Haha. You're funny. But I have read that housework should not replace exercise, but rather supplement it. Of course, an exercise program can be as simple as a few stretches in the morning and an evening stroll.

Sloan said...

Heehee! You are too too funny Anna. I am going to have to try all of your recommendations. I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!

Sloan <><

Zoe said...

lol! That's funny! I have had several cases of staying up into the late hours organizing!

Anna Naomi said...

Glad you all enjoyed it. I was doing a lot of housework and a silly mood inspired it. =)

Maria Pauline: I agree - housework shouldn't replace other exercise, and I wasn't trying to say that. It's true that you can burn calories doing it, but not so many as a walk or run does. However, every little bit helps! ;-)

Elijah Lofgren said...

Nice! :)

Victoria Rebecca said...

Hilarious Anna :). I love your blog. I will add you to my blogroll.