Friday, July 25, 2008

Quotes on Inner Beauty

In my notebook on Biblical Womanhood I am collecting quotes, and I thought I'd share with you two that I've written down on inner beauty. (Emphasis is mine.)

"True refinement is not mere outside polish. It goes deeper and penetrates to the very foundation of character. It is purity, gentleness, and grace in the heart, which, like the perfume of flowers, breathes out and bathes all the life in sweetness... that which really refines is purity of mind and heart." ~ from Homemaking by J.R. Miller, pages 166-167

"True Beauty is so much more than the noble decision to wait for a future spouse. True beauty is complete set-apartness for our Heavenly Prince. True purity comes only when we fall into the loving arms of our Jesus Christ, surrender ourselves fully to Him and allow Him to tenderly shape us into His lily-white likeness." ~ from Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy, page 47


Sloan said...

Truly, beautiful.

Sloan <><

The White's said...

What beautiful flowers...and quotes. Thanks for sharing I'll have to jot them down in my quote notebook! :D