Thursday, July 31, 2008

July Reading List

In this and subsequent reading list posts, we will only be reviewing books we've completed. We'll still have a list of what we're currently in, but that way we'll only have to write descriptions of the books once. It will also make these post not as long and easier to read!

Anna's Books

  • Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy - This was my second read-through of Authentic Beauty, and I really enjoyed it, gleaning new insights and lessons from its pages. This book gives great encouragement to be a truly set-apart young lady. It focuses on knowing your Heavenly Prince more intimately, for to have a healthy relationship, you need to have it built of the foundation of a wonderful relationship with Jesus. Be forewarned: the subject matter deals with things of a mature (and sad!) nature, so I wouldn't recommend it to girls under 14 or 15, and you still would probably want your mom to read it first.
  • From Tyndale to Madison by Michael Farris - After hearing a talk on religious liberty by Michael Farris in which he recommended this book, I looked forward to reading it. The book goes in to great detail about how religious liberty was granted in America, following the story from William Tyndale and his translation of the Bible to James Madison and the writing of the American Bill of Rights. It was very interesting, but also somewhat hard to read - it took me over a month to complete! The content was very informative, and with quotes from many old documents, it definitely takes a lot of time and thought to read.
  • Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris - On this second read through of this book, I took it slow, concentrating on one chapter at a time and writing down quotes and thoughts about the different challenges. It was a wonderful book to study in-depth, and I've gained new insights and greater passion to see my generation do hard things! This has also been a great book to give away - our family has probably given away at least 10 so far! =)
  • Her Hand in Marriage by Douglas Wilson - This somewhat short book is about "Biblical courtship in the modern world." It's a great book for parents to read, as it goes over the authority of parents and how to specifically raise and prepare sons and daughters to be ready for courtship and marriage. I like that it didn't give laid-down rules about what a courtship should look like, but rather gave guiding principles while emphasizing that each courtship will look different, as each couple is different.
Currently Reading:
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • Valley of Vision compiled by Arthur Bennett
  • His Princess by Sheri Rose Shepherd
  • Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem

Miriam's Books


  • A Rose Remembered by Michael Phillips - After reading the first book in The Secret of the Rose series, I eagerly awaited the next book. It was quite worth the wait. Phillips ties in true historical events with a fictional plot. Matthew and Sabina meet each other again some thirty years later. WWII had ended long ago, but the effects are still seen daily. Communist Russia has now taken over and is trying to enforce their government on the people. Sabina is still involved in an underground network that helps Jews, refugees, and others escape to safer countries. An old rival is still after Sabina and her father, who is in prison, and is on her trail throughout the whole book. In the end, Sabina and her father, who Matthew broke out of jail, are trapped behind the wall that divides East and West Berlin with Matthew.
  • Escape To Freedom by Michael Phillips - This book begins with Matthew, Sabina, and Sabina's father (the Baron) are making plans for getting over the wall into West Germany. Slowly, a few other refugees join their group to attain freedom. Their first attempt fails as they are found out by Matthew's rival, Gustav Schmundt, who blocks the escape and almost catches them. Finally, after many twists and turns, they escape over the wall and are reunited with dear friends and family. I have really enjoyed reading these books and can't wait to start the last in the series.
  • The Lost Book Series by Ted Dekker - I didn't like these books as well as I have others by this author. Written for a young adult reader, the plot was interesting, but sometimes barely understandable. With characters making the same mistakes over and over, I sometimes wondered what was supposed to be learned. Overall, I didn't like them, but somebody else might. Part of it might be that this series ties into two other series that Dekker has written and I haven't read.

Currently Reading:

  • Dawn of Liberty by Michael Phillips
  • Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens
  • In Christ Alone by Sinclair Ferguson


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Thank you!

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I always enjoy reading what you read about!

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I have a hard time finding good books to read, but finally found a series by Michael Phillips. I just finished one of the books today and really liked it!
I have only started reading your blog for the past couple weeks.
~Christina P.