Friday, June 20, 2008

Video of Flute Duet

Miriam and I have had a lot of fun over the years playing flute duets together. So, when I was figuring out things to do for my graduation, I knew that I wanted to play a duet with her instead of a solo by myself. Duets are always more fun and a lot prettier with the melodies and harmonies that intertwine.

Above is the video of us playing "Allegro and Menuett" at my graduation celebration. It's definitely not perfect - it's always kind of annoying how you can play something really well when practicing, then when you actually perform it, it's never as good. Plus, we didn't take into account that a fan would be rotating and blowing on our music, so there's a point at which the page completely turns and we have to stop and start again. But, we wanted to share some of our music with you, and this video shows real life - things never go perfectly or completely as planned! =)

To see it larger on GodTube go here.


Maria Pauline said...

That's really pretty. I like it a lot... the light bouncy notes that are so fun!

damask-rose said...

That was lovely! And you looked so elegant in your long dress and skirt. Who was the music by? Thanks for posting it.

Ella said...

Lovely,Lovely....You both did a beautiful job together. Though I know it can be frustrating to play it well during practice and not during a performance. Oh, well. God uses it to keep us humble.

Right now, my teacher is playing the flute to Pachabel's Canon in D as I am playing the piano. I wish one of you could do it with me too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna & Miriam,

That was really beautiful. I also was very impressed that you didn't let the fan blowing the page over really trip you up. You backtracked a little, but you just kept going!

I used to play the flute when I was younger but I haven't played in probably 25 years. I've often thought of taking it up again. I think I read too much and need to find another hobby!

Thanks to you both for sharing the video with us.

Julie C. from Maine

Anonymous said...


I forgot to ask a question. I'm just curious, what is the red and white sign in the background that says "Jesus"?

Julie C. from Maine

Anna Naomi said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

Damask-Rose: Miriam actually made both the dress and the skirt! At the last minute, I decided to wear a dress of hers, since I didn't have something that really fit the occasion, and because the fabric matched her skirt.

Ella: Indeed, mess-ups are ways to keep us humble!

Julie: It was a bit disconcerting to have the page keep fluttering - I did mess up a little from it, and I really wish I hadn't kept going when it completely turned, ending on a sour note! ;-) I guess I thought it would turn back or something...

The small banner that says "Jesus" is one my mom made, and put up as part of the decorations to remind us to lift His Name up and glorify Him. She enjoys making banners and things.

Zoe said...

That is so pretty! I love duets too!

Sloan said...

Hi Anna and Miriam,

THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL! You played it perfectly to me.

More Videos!!!!! :o) Piano next!

Sloan <><

Linda Marie said...

That was beautiful and well done! The melody is still in my head. Very nice indeed! Who is the composer?
It seems really fun to do a duet. I play the flute a little, but because most is self taught I have never had a teacher or anyone to do a duet with. It looks a bit hard, but very rewarding as well.

Anna Naomi said...

Sloan: I'll try to record Miriam playing the piano sometime when I'm at her house. I don't have a real piano (just a keyboard), so we want to do it where there is one, since it's a whole lot prettier!

Damask-rose and Linda Marie: Miriam has the book, and I don't know who the duet is by, so Miriam will have to tell you. =)

Bonnie S said...

Beautiful duet girls!!

Kim said...

I've always really wanted to play the flute, and now since I heard that....I really want to learn!
Y'all did great!