Monday, June 30, 2008

Miriam's Week of Feminine Dress - Day 7

This morning began much like the others. I got up and started the day around six o'clock. Planning on being at the house all day, I put on some comfortable clothes. I think my light pink shirt came from Burke's Outlet and the white slightly gored skirt came from Walmart.

After eating a little breakfast I didn't do too much for a little while. Caleb was playing piano for a church in town and Mother took him. Caleb and I have been blessed to have the opportunity to play for a church. It's a wonderful experience. Daddy had to go meet someone and he took Andrew with him. Soon, Esther and I were left by ourselves. Around 10:30 am, my brother Seth and his wife Ginger brought their children over for us to watch. They had some storage they needed to clean up and the kids would have been in the way. So began the adventure that always accompanies Riley and Weston, my niece and nephew. =) They are such precious children. I'm probably very partial and a little prejudiced. But that's allowed in aunts, right?

We ate lunch around 12:30 pm and played with the kids until the rest of the family got home. By then, both of the little ones were in need of naps. I sat down with Weston and let him drink some juice before I took him to my room and I lay down with him. Soon after, Mother put Riley in her bed. If that child doesn't have her nap, everyone will know. :)
I was pretty tired and after making sure Weston was asleep I dozed off for a bit. Almost 40 minutes later, I got up and left Weston asleep. Daddy (who is always tired, poor man!) was taking a nap on the sofa and the house was pretty quiet (rather unusual, but nice). Mother laid down in the living room and also took a nap and Daddy got up to start making supper. Mother's best friend from high school was in town and was coming by to visit before going home. For supper we had hamburger meat and beans with cheese dip. A favorite meal with the whole family, but not one we fix often. Mother's friend arrived soon after supper and we visited for awhile. I hadn't seen her about 4 or 6 years and it was good to see her. The skies opened and presented us with a windy downpour which Esther and I took Riley out to enjoy. My siblings and myself have inherited my mother's love of storms. There is something about the untamed wildness that is so beautiful, but still controlled by the hand of God.

Mrs. Cline (Mom's friend) left soon after the storm ended. Seth and Ginger had come back while she was still here and they stayed and we chatted for a little while longer. Then they left as well.
We had some ice cream and watched the second volume of Great Expectations. It was after 10 pm when we got to bed. Esther wanted to read her book, so I left the light on for a little bit, but eventually I begged her to let me sleep and she gave in. =)

I hope everyone has enjoyed reading about my interesting week. It seemed to pass so fast. Mother was laughing and joking about how I've probably posted more in the past week than all my other posts together. ;) I look forward to doing this again in the future.


Elijah Lofgren said...

Sorry about the non-loading images! I'm working to get the websites back up, but I'm sometimes quite distracted. ;)

> "If that child doesn't have her nap, everyone will know. :)"

I could almost hear you talking. I think this shows you're a very natural writer! :)

Maria Pauline said...

Now I'm laughing, because I alway "make" my older sister turn the light off so I can sleep...

Robert said...

I enjoyed following your week.You do get an early start! My early morning is Sunday when I get up at 9:05am.

I too, was thinking about all the posts you had to write for this series:)

Do you drink any tea or are you mainly a coffee drinker?

Miriam Rebekah said...

Thanks Elijah!

Maria Pauline, normally Esther would be asking "me" to turn off the light, but she has started reading more and she has problems putting down her book. I know how it is. =)

9:05 am? If I got up that late, I would feel bad for the rest of the day. Do you have a night job?

I do drink a lot of coffee, but I enjoy tea as well. Especially when I'm sick, it's always easier on the throat.

Anonymous said...

I am just curious, Miriam, do you attend a particular church regularly on the Lord's Day?

I like this outfit second best to the other one (blue top and brown skirt). :)

Anna Naomi said...

I can get up that late, Miriam and Robert, with no consequence to the day except I don't get as much done. =) Sometimes I need the extra sleep though.

I'm kind of different, not liking tea much or coffee at all, but oh well! ;-)

Robert said...

I work during the evening( 4-5pm to 11pm.When I come home I go on the internet, read and watch tv/movie.