Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer?

Things have slowed down somewhat. The weather is hot and humid. Already it's the 10th of June, and the summer days are passing by. The warmth makes you feel lethargic, and the long evenings make you want to stay up later. It's so easy to spend the whole day doing what seems to be nothing in the end. Have I mentioned that it's hot?

When it's summer, and the responsibilities pressing for your time have lessened, it's very easy to give in to the "lazy days of summer" mentality. After all, it's vacation, right? You deserve time to relax after all your hard work during the year! And, as has been mentioned before, the heat (upper 90s to 100s now-a-days) usually doesn't make you feel very productive.

With some full days having passed by, and a short trip to visit family over the weekend, I've given into laziness far too often these first weeks of summer. It's so easy to excuse myself for not doing much. After all, I'm tired! While it is important to rest when you need to, there comes a point of overdoing it! ;) Though I used tiredness as my excuse, usually it just comes down to plain laziness or simply not feeling like I want to do anything.

I don't want to spend my summer like this, however! As Ephesians 5:15-16 says, I want to "Be very careful, then, how you live - not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil." Just because it's summer doesn't mean that I should stop redeeming the time!

Knowing that I'll be leaving for college in just over 2 months makes me feel more of a pressing urgency to get things done. There are so many things I'd like to do before I head off to Belhaven College. I've made a list of things to finish before I leave, and it just keeps growing... Catch up in my scrapbook, finish my cross-stitch project, go through and reorganize many things, get rid of unnecessary items... the list goes on. Although I know that finishing absolutely everything probably isn't a reality, I'd like to do the best I can.

That means not giving in to self. I'm purposing to once again fight to go to bed on time (before 10 p.m. hopefully!) and get up early (by 6 a.m.). I want to continue learning this summer, memorizing Scripture and reading good books each day. My to-do list is essential to help me remember to practice and do the little things that happen along each day, and there's the cleaning and cooking that shouldn't be put on the back burner. I don't want to get worn out, so I will rest if I need to, but by going to bed on time (a hard thing for me!) I should be fine!

Then there's the bigger things for this summer. The 6-weeks of summer dance classes started last week; I teach 3 classes each Thursday afternoon. I'm also continuing to take piano lessons every other Thursday morning. My sister Miriam and I will be doing a lot of sewing for her wedding - 2 flower girl dresses (for our nieces, Sara and Lisa Beth), and 3 bridesmaid dresses (for our sister Lydia and 2 of Miriam's good friends from college). Then I'll also be directing a children's musical beginning on June 19th, called "Fat Fat Jehoshaphat". The musical, written by Kathie Hill, tells the story of the Biblical King Jehoshaphat and teaches the power of prayer using catchy songs and fun dialog. It will be a lot of fun but also a lot of work, as we'll meet two evenings a week for a month to rehearse.

This summer will be a full one. My prayer is that I will indeed "make the most of every opportunity." Being diligent and disciplined isn't always "fun", but it's always worth it in the end.

What about you? What are your plans for the summer?


Ella said...

My plans for the summer....uh...school! I won't get my break until the fall. I know you will make the most of your time "off" though.

Golly, it is only in the 60's here. Believe or not, trees appear to be turning red! I would like a low 80's or two! But not what you are having!

Anonymous said...

I've decided to live up at Camp Wesley Woods
for the summer.

So I have my *wonderful* desk job from 9-5 (ish) - but besides that:

Excellerated Latin, 3xweek. Having dinner and the evenings with everyone at camp. Vespers on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cavings, rock jumping, going out on the lake, drive in movies, and preparing for Seminary.

And THIS: www.cornerstonefestival.org

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

This post sure was timely for me. I have been unemployed since the end of last year and I find that without a job to go to everyday, I am just getting so lazy. I have all kinds of time to get all the things done that I used to gripe about not having the time to do because I was working. Now I have the time and I find it hard to get off the couch!

You are right about keeping daily "To Do" lists. I have found that this helps me immensely. I may not get all the things done on the list, but I get more things done during a day if I have a list compared to not having a list.

Thanks for the reminder to get off the couch. I will make my list for tomorrow right now!

Julie C.

Sammybunny said...

Congratulations again on going to college! I know that you would probably have preferred to remain at home, training to be a homemaker but remember! There are MANY ways to learn homemaking skills in college, too! Trust me, I am in this boat. I love being in college because it helps a young woman to learn to manage and plan her time well while trying to multi-task and trust God's leadership. It is a wonderful place to learn homemaking styles of your own and to grow as your own woman (still influenced and loved by her family and friends). I think that you will enjoy college.

Anna Naomi said...

Ella: Well, school may be a good thing to keep one busy inside during the hot summer! It's funny how different temperatures can be in different parts of the country. I'm sure you'll get warm weather soon enough!

Amberpeace: Thanks for sharing your plans. Hope you have a great summer!

Julie: Isn't it neat how God can lay something on one person's heart, then have it touch another person as well? It's one really nice thing about blogs - often things that others share about convict or encourage you right where you are!

Yes, to-do lists are essential, I've found. It helps keep me focused, and I really enjoy checking things off the list. Motivation is nice! =)

Sammybunny: People keep telling me that, and I know I'll learn a lot at college. There are ways to learn homemaking skills wherever one is, though it does seem easier to do it at home! =) I've come to peace with going, and I know that God will work His plans out through it all.

Elijah Lofgren said...

Good post!

However, remember to not let the piles and piles of things that stack up on "TO DO" lists become burdensome. God gives grace, even when we don't do everything we'd like to do. Sleep is important.

Love ya Anna! :)

P.S. Remember (I need reminding of this also!) we're human beings, not human doings.

And we don't have to do everything that would be good for us to do (we can't do everything!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

I thought you'd be happy to know that I spent my morning cleaning and then spent the afternoon making your Chocolate Oatmeal cake with Butter Cream frosting! I just had a piece and it was absolutely delicious. The other thing I like about it is that I don't feel quite as guilty eating it - after all, it has oatmeal and whole wheat flour in it - it's health food! ;)

Julie C.

Anna Naomi said...

Elijah: It's neat how we both gave each other the same advice ("we're human beings, not human doings") without having seen the other's advice! I wanted to stress the fact that not getting everything done is okay too, and have had a post swirling in my head since writing this one. Your comment prompted me to write it out.

Julie: Great work! I'm glad you liked the chocolate cake and frosting. Yes, my mom and dad make that claim as well - it has oatmeal so it must be healthy! =) We've even been known to eat it as part of breakfast - though we try not to make that a habit! ;-)

Maria Pauline said...

I find it motivating to think of summer vacation as a time to do all the stuff I don't have time for during the schoolyear... read books, sew, extracurricular subjects, and other things I put off.