Friday, June 13, 2008

Internet Connection is Back!

After years of dial-up, we got satellite internet from Wild Blue two years ago. Although not as fast as DSL or Cable (which we can't get because we live too far out in the country), Wild Blue has been great and allowed us to do many things online.

However, our service did come with a bandwidth limit... and with Elijah home on break and all of us doing lots of things on the computer, including Elijah spending hours generously upgrading computers for us (which, necessarily, involved downloading updates and programs), we went over our limit. As punishment, our connection got slowed down quite a bit, until we got to under 70% of our allowed downloads.

It's been taking a long time to do things online for the past few weeks. Just basic things took twice as long to do, and often things would simply refuse to load. Although I enjoyed reading others' blogs (when they actually loaded for me!) I often didn't even try to comment, as it took too long. This afternoon, the internet was refusing to load anything, so I reset the connection, hoping it would at least let me get back on. And guess what? I opened Firefox, and clicked on my Gmail inbox, and it loaded in a matter of seconds, not minutes!

Everything seems extremely fast now, and I'm very thankful for it. Now I can upload my digital pictures and visit pages without sitting and waiting for what seemed like forever for things to load!

It's amazing how quickly things can be taken for granted, until you have to go without them. I rarely pondered how fast and nice our internet connection was, until we were slowed to a crawl for a few weeks. Now, perhaps I can do things on this blog that I'd had to put off! I'm very grateful to have a fast connection again!

The same happens with other things. Do you ever think about how wonderful it feels to be healthy? Usually I don't notice it very much until I'm sick - then the thought of feeling good is really appealing. When I recover, I all too quickly take for granted the feeling of wellness.

Take a moment to thank God for the small blessings in life. What have you been taking for granted lately?


Maria Pauline said...

I'm glad you have your internet back! You are quite right, for example, right now I miss Facebook which is blocked on this computer and I won't be able to access it until Monday... but that is nothing compared to more important things we take for granted in this life, like grace. (gulp)

Reed said...

Hey Anna,
I totally agree with you about slow internet. We also had dial up for years. We are now fortunate enough to have cable.
Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your posts.
Reed Brown

Elijah Lofgren said...

Sorry for breaking your Internet! ;)

Good to hear it's finally recovered from my abuse!

I'm ENJOYING unlimited DSL here. It's the fastest I've ever had. :) You should visit again and bring your PC. You could bring the other one two and we can switch them out. :)

Love ya,

Your brother Elijah (who is soon going to post a quote from Dr. James Dobson on his public blog that he'd love for you to read! :)

Anna Naomi said...

Maria Pauline: Yes indeed! We need to remember not to take important things for granted!

Reed: That's great that you have cable now! Dad looked into it before we got satellite internet, but it would have cost more than $2000 just to string the cables out to where we live!

Elijah: As I've said before, it's not your fault!! You were downloading stuff to help upgrade computers, which was a very nice thing for you to do! I'll go and read your blog. =)

It is annoying that now my computer is messed up somewhat, but perhaps Miriam (or Dad when he gets home) can help me switch back to the XP one. I don't think I can travel the 8 hours up to your place to bring the computer to be fixed, sadly! ;-)

Elijah Lofgren said...

Hi Anna,

It's not really too hard to move a hard drive. You could do it pretty easily. Feel free to call anytime before 4pm and I'll be glad to try and walk you through it over the phone. :)

Love ya,


Sloan said...

I am happy that your internet is up and running, WOO HOO!!!

I have taken my Dad for granted lately if you can believe it. He has to go back to our old home town about 5 days out of the week to take care of the houses we have there. Our old home town is about 2 1/2 hours away from the house we are curretly living in. It is so normal for him to be here and I don't really think about it. But when he's gone, all I can do is think about him ALL DAY LONG! I make the most out of it when he is with us now!

Sloan <><

P.s. You have a great brother by the way. He takes good care of you. :o)

Amanda Grace said...

Hi Anna,

So glad you have your Internet back! I know what you mean about not truly appreciating something until you don't have it anymore. The days that I have to work in my dad's office in the summer make me SO thankful for the days I have off that I can spend outside in the sun!

I also wanted to say a belated congratulations on your graduation! It looks like you had a wonderful ceremony.