Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anna's Week of Feminine Dress - Day 6

Intending to sleep in late and rest up well, I was a bit chagrined to wake up soon after 7 a.m. on Saturday. After tossing and turning, my body still tired but my mind wide awake, I decided to get up and start on the day. After all, starting earlier helps more things get done!

Usually I try to do devotions first thing, before I get distracted by other events of the day. However, since I got up early enough, I decided to make muffins for breakfast before Miriam left for the car wash I thought she was helping with. So, I showered, picked some fresh blueberries, then started quietly making Malt-o-meal Blueberry Muffins since half of the household was still sleeping. While mixing up the dry ingredients, I noticed a note on Miriam's door telling us that she wasn't going to the car wash and wanted to sleep late. Oops! However, I decided to finish the muffins since I'd already began... I did devotions as they cooked, then enjoyed eating with the family, who had all awakened to the sound of the oven or the smell of the delectable breakfast!

This Saturday I wore clothes that, incidentally, both turned out to have been my sister Miriam's at one time! I always enjoy wearing hand-me-downs from sisters - they always seem to fit better then clothes I buy at stores! The skirt I've had for a long time, and is comfortable and practical. The shirt Miriam recently gave me, since she didn't really like how pink it was, while I really enjoy clothes in my favorite color!

The first part of the morning was spent rather lazily, on the computer for quite a while. Then I got things done I'd been unable to do the day before because of being out all afternoon. I practiced piano, swept the kitchen, and straightened my room. Then I began to sew the sleeves for Miriam's wedding dress while Jubilee kindly made BLTs for lunch.

After lunch Miriam modeled her wedding dress to try the sleeves and help us figure out how much we needed to take it in. Alterations can be rather hard, but I'm glad that I can do it for her. I soon began the long process of undoing the side seam lining, removing the tiny beads along the top and waist in the area that I needed to take it in, while making sure I reinforced those beads that we didn't want to come off - I could just see them all began to pop off - something that thankfully didn't happen! I took in one side seam, but soon ran into a little trouble, deciding to wait to finish until I asked her a few things first.

I've been rather negligent in practicing flute lately. Part of it is not having motivation because I'm not taking lessons or in a band this summer, part of it is my own laziness! I purposed to do it on Saturday, however, and enjoyed it. The flute is truly a beautiful instrument.

While waiting for the family to prepare to leave, I read for a few minutes, then we headed off for a fish fry at church to help raise money for the short-term trip to Peru that Miriam and many others are going on. I have to admit, I don't really like fish, but I at least ate a little! I enjoyed reading in the car on the way there - you have to fit it in every spare moment! ;-)

Miriam then treated us to go see the movie Wall-e in the theater. After hearing many recommendations, we'd decided to go. It was cute, but there didn't seem to be much point to the story. It was entertaining, (it's amazing what they can do with digital animation these days!) but it wasn't a movie that left you wanting to see it again.

We were all rather tired by the time we got home, so we played Chicken Feet (a dominoes game) as a family for about an hour. After a little reading, I clicked my lamp off at 10:15 p.m. - exhausted.


Maria Pauline said...

Chicken foot dominoes is very fun. :)

yoshi3329 said...

I've also heard many reccomendations for Wall-E but I really don't see much of a point with the movie.

Anna Naomi said...

Maria Pauline: Yes indeed! Chicken Foot has been a tradition to play with our grandparents, and we enjoy playing it with just us sometimes. We hadn't played in a while, but it is a nice game to play while talking, since it's not too fast!

Adlyn: The movie was rather pointless. It was cute because of all the ways they made robots personable, but still, there wasn't really much of a point to the story, in my opinion.

Ella said...

So, no pictures of the wedding dress =) Only teasing.

GOing to movies can be fun, but Wall-E did look rather pointless to me. Especially when I don't think he talked much!