Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Anna's Week of Feminine Dress - Day 1

Yesterday started bright and early with my alarm going off at 6 a.m. My body wouldn't have minded sleeping later, but it was nice to get up and get an early start on the day! I had devotions and dressed, then headed outside to enjoy some blueberries right off the tree. They're a great early-morning snack! Though not too many were ripe, I brought what I found inside in a little basket for others to enjoy as well.

While Daddy made oatmeal, I quickly straightened up my room, then ate breakfast with him. He's so kind to make oatmeal on many mornings - it's very satisfying and sticks with you all morning!

Today I wore a dress my sister brought back from West Africa for me. The mother of the family she helped homeschool had had it made for her there, but no longer wanted it. It's very comfortable and light! I like the simple style of the dress, and the pretty blue color.

After breakfast I set to work making bread. After making it usually at least once a week for so long, I memorized the recipe long ago, and have fun working with it. It's always amazing how it seems to turn out a little different each time, even if you follow the same steps! (Yes, I do stand on my tippy-toes while I knead it - it gives me the few extra inches to be at a comfortable height to punch the bread.) This time I cooked it a little too long because I either forgot to set the timer or was engrossed in what I was doing and didn't hear it. =) Though a little more brown then usual, it tasted fine! We enjoyed it for lunch - fresh, warm bread spread with a little honey is delicious!

The morning passed pleasantly, filled with a lot of little things. I did things online, we had family devotions, and I read in a few different books and reviewed Memlock verses. Currently I'm working on the category called "Hope" and the verses are very encouraging! I also finished up the collage I began on Sunday, using the pictures we took for Proverbs 31 Maidens. I'll be using it in a display soon, and also plan to take it to college to decorate my room. It's a pretty "poster" and will be a good reminder and encouragement to see it!

After lunch I was on the computer a bit more, read some more, then spent quite a few hours sewing. I redid the sleeves in one bridesmaid's dress, as the ones the pattern used were too "poofy" for Miriam's taste. =) I like how the new sleeves look though; they're very elegant! I also worked on another bridesmaid's dress, finishing all but the hem by the time the day was done. Now there's only one more dress, then I'm done with wedding sewing! But then, we will be altering my sister's wedding dress, perhaps making a ringbearer pillow, maybe making the groomsment ties of the same color... ;-)

To help keep the house neat, I try to follow my own weekly cleaning schedule, though it doesn't always happen! Mondays are bathroom day, so I quickly cleaned them in the late afternoon, pracitced piano, then made supper. Supper was pretty easy, yet delicious. I made an omlette and zuccini muffins. We enjoy eating "breakfast" foods for supper sometimes, and these muffins are delicous! I used some zuccini friends had given us last year, which I'd shredded and frozen. You can click the link for the recipe. We don't follow a recipe for the omlette - I just follow what mom taught me many years ago: Use two eggs per person, and beat together with a small shredded potato, salt and pepper, and imitation bacon bits. Saute some onion for a few minutes, then add the egg mixture. When it's almost done, sprinkle in some chesse. It's yummy! It's not a real omlette, one that's flipped in half, but it's easy and quick to make for a lot of people.

As Jubi did dishes, I finished up a few things on the second bridesmaid dress. Because of last-minute things, we started watching a movie rather late! I welcomed the opportunity to have something to do as I sewed the braid on the dress. We watched "The Great Debators", which was inspiring (and based on a true story) but had some things that weren't that good - I probably wouldn't watch it again.

By the time I'd gotten ready for bed and talked some with the family, it was rather late! I read a few pages in World Magazine before turning out the light as the clock neared 11 p.m. It was later then I would have liked, but I enjoyed an evening with family!

I'm also enjoying the slightly less busy days this summer. I enjoy being home more, and having more time to do "homey" activities.


Maria Pauline said...

How do you manage to get up so early when you're up so late? Thanks so much, it is very fun to read about your life! I am constantly gleaning ideas from you two. ;)

Anna Naomi said...

To answer your question, Maria, it's hard! I'm not usually up so late - I try to get to bed by 10 p.m. or earlier, though it often doesn't happen. And, I often end up sleeping in. However, I really like how getting up early gives me a good start on the day, so I try to get up if I can. It's not good for me to be up so late though - it's an area I need to discipline myself in! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

I love seeing how people spend their time and what their interests are. Thanks for this neat peek into your life.

Julie C. from Maine

Reed said...

Those omelets sound sooo good.
I think I will try that one morning.
You and Miriam should be commended on your "week in feminine dress" commitment. Most young ladies would not even care about dressing in such a way for one day!!!

Anonymous said...

You make your own bread? I love homemade bread! My mom makes bread whenever she can and I love it every time! I should have her teach me some of her recipies. It's Really great that you're so self sufficient! Going to a public school wouldn't allow you to be independent like you are. that's why I loved homeschool so much. I had time to do stuff that really mattered to me. Plus doing homeschool means you can learn the wholesome and uplifting things. We are truly blessed to live in the united States of America!