Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lisa Beth and the Roses

This weekend my sister Maria came down to celebrate her birthday by attending a women's conference with my sister Miriam. Her two oldest children stayed with her husband Ron, but we got the fun of caring for Lisa Beth during the day! Is it even possible to resist taking pictures of such a sweet little girl? At 18 months, she's a sweetie. This Aunt had a lot of fun spending time and taking care of her little niece today!

Look - a whole bed of pink and red roses! Let's go investigate.

Aren't they pretty? Aunt Anna's tells me that I look like a rose in my pink dress.
Let's get a closer look....

Flowers are so beautiful!

Well, I can't stay here all day! There's things to do and places to go!

Swinging is so much fun, to be flying through the air!

Oh look - it's a watering can. Hmm... I wonder if the roses need to be watered.


Jody said...

So sweet. Nieces are so much fun!!!

Sloan said...

Oooh how sweet she looks. You must be a very proud Aunt. My little sister is a little bit older than her. Isn't that a fun age?

Sloan <><


Ella said...

She is such a cutie pie!!

tabithaserverofgod said...

what a sweet child, I would just hold her all day If she would let me...she Is so cute!
I miss holding my children all day as they are growing all up so fast...they have a way of wiggling out of my arms, tee hee!
blessings to you

Maria Pauline said...

What a sweet little niece you have. Are those peonies in the last picture? I wish I could be here when ours bloom. :)

Anna Naomi said...

Glad you all enjoyed the pictures!

Maria Pauline: Actually, the last picture is just a close-up of the little pink roses. They're so pretty!

SamanthaMarie said...

God's children are true beauty and true life! Their curiosity, appreciation, and joy is something we should all try to capture.

Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures with us!! :)

Anonymous said...

How sweet!

Bonnie S said...

Aww, what a gorgeous little girl!! Those pictures are really sweet.

Anonymous said...

Ooh; how cute! My little sister Elizabeth Anne is 23 months now, and she is such a joy! She is soooo cute! It must be fun to be an aunt, and you must be proud of her!

~In Christ, Rachel~