Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kitten Cuteness

Our kittens have been growing up so cute! It's fun to have them right outside. Whenever you go out there, they usually come bounding out to meet you, trying to be the first to be held, and rubbing around your ankles. It's fun to watch them play, as the little balls of fur bounce all over the place! =) Still pictures just aren't quite as cute, but I thought I'd share them to give you a smile for to brighten your day.

This little one was originally named "Wool", but Jubilee enjoys changing names to correspond to look and character. At first he was "Woody" but now he's "U.D." standing for "Ugly Duckling". He's very uniquely colored and very sweet!

Originally named "Satin", Jubilee has changed his name to "Buzz". The camera just can't capture how cute he is in real life!

Here is my sweet "Cotton" - I don't like changing their names, and this name turned out to accurately describe this kitten! She's the fluffiest one, looking kind of like a cotton ball! =)

Here's cute "Calico", called "Cali" for short. Kitten's eyes are so pretty!

I thought I'd share these adorable pictures with you in hopes they'd brighten your day. The kittens are getting old enough to live on their own, so we'll need to find homes for them soon. Sorry, we can't mail them! ;-)


tabithaserverofgod said...

well, they sure have brighten my day!
they are so sweet and I love there eyes as well!
you are so lucky to have them, or should I say blessed!
have a wonderful day today!

The Heritage Sisters said...

How sweet! I love kittens...

Zoe said...

How adorable!

Sloan said...

Ohh they are SO sweet!!!

Our kittens have been getting into so much trouble lately! But I guess that's what kittens do! I LOVE Cali I will have to come pick her up if you can't mail.


Anna Joy said...

Oh PLEASE mail me Cotton and Cali!!! :) They are adorable!

Sloan said...

Sorry Anna Joy, I already called Cali. But Cotton is still up for grabs! :o)

Sloan <><

Anna Naomi said...

Sorry, Sloan and Anna Joy! Didn't you read the end of my post? I can't mail the kittens! ;-)

Ireland Jones said...

I can't even say i have a favorite kitten they are all so CUTE. I really love all your posts and i love how you stand up for what you believe in.