Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The King is Exalted! pictures

You all may be a bit tired of hearing about The King is Exalted!, but this should be the last post! =) It's been what I've been focused on working on for the last week, so that's the reason most posts have been about it!

I finally uploaded the slideshow and pictures. The slideshow is below. In it you'll see ballet portraits of all the students and groups, and pictures from the dress rehearsal.

You can also view still images, by going to the photo gallery on The King's Praise Ballet or going straight to the different albums to view ballet portraits, pictures from the dress rehearsal, or pictures of us dancing different places. I'll warn you - there's a lot of pictures! I mainly uploaded them all for my students and their families to view, but feel free to look through them if you enjoy ballet photos! The girls were very sweet and pretty, and fun to pose!

A lot of time has been spent on the computer, editing pictures, making DVDs, etc. I will be glad when everything is done! However, it's fun to make these memories so that we'll be able to look back on them in years to come.

DVDs for my students are beginning to stack up! As you've probably been able to tell, the theme colors for it all were those of the rainbow. May the King truly be exalted through it all!


A Young Lady In Waiting said...

Such beautiful pictures!It seems the Lord has used you greatly in so many ways! I'm sure it going to be hard to have to stop teaching ballet, but I pray that the Lord will allow you to resume classes again if His will so allows.
It truely is a blessing to know that there are girls out there that want to praise God in all that they do and to dress modestly while doing it!

May the Lord continue to guild you


Ella said...

Anna, dear, it looks lovely! YOu did a beautiful job at making something feminine and God-centered. And to think you were nervous.....=)

I can see why it is so hard to leave "The King's Praise." You have something wonderful there. But the Lord has a plan. I know that.

Jody said...

Absolutely beautiful. I so wish I could have been there. You do a wonderful job with everything. I admire you for standing up for what you believe and keeping things modest and Christ-centered. I always wanted to take dance but couldn't for those reasons! Good job!
Love, Mrs. Jody

Maria Pauline said...

Never too many photos of beautiful girls in pretty dresses.... Applause for the young lady behind all this!

Lexie A. said...

Beautiful! My little sister has her dance recital this weekend and if its one thing I love its watching her dance which the lord has deffinatly blessed her with the talent of being able to dance as well as she does. Do you dance any other styles of dance aside from ballet? My little sister dances competitively in hip hop, lyrical, jazz, and musical theatre and does a hip hop solo so I know how crazy dance preparations can be with costuming and makeup and I know I couldn't handle teaching so many classes, but you look like you did an awesome job!

Beverly said...

GASP!!! This was beautiful!! I am so in shock because Amaris is my niece, and I had no idea she was a part of this. I'm so excited!!

Anna Naomi said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed the pictures! As someone who has really struggled to find dance classes with modest costumes, part of my goal has been to provide a modest alternative that glorifies God for other girls.

Lexie: Ballet / worship dance have been my main focus. A lot of what we do could also be called lyrical. I have taken tap and a few classes in jazz at a Christian dance camp, but have found that it's really hard for me to do more jerky moves as opposed to the gracefulness of ballet! =)

Mrs. Beverly: Amaris is your niece???? That is amazing! =) I have really enjoyed having her in my class this past year - and to think that she's related to you... It's so funny sometimes how you can have connections all over and not even know it! :-)