Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

This is dedicated to all of the mothers who read our blog:

Thank you for the example you set for all of us. From mothers such as you, we are learning to grow from maidens into true women of worth.

Thank you for the insight and encouragement you give. From comments helping us see another aspect of things to encouraging words telling us to continue on, we value your input!

Thank you for being Godly mothers in an age of ungodliness. You are molding the next generation to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of Christ. You are shaping the leaders of tomorrow; through your influence, today's children can change the world.

Thank you for all of the little things you do. Even though they may seem inconsequential and never result in much praise, these things are desperately needed. They are what make a household run smoothly.

Thank you for the meals you make, houses you clean, and clothes you make and mend. Thank you for teaching these skills to your children and for training them to enjoy the homemaking arts.

Thank you for modeling modesty and living out lives of true beauty. Young women are watching you to see what's appropriate to wear and how to behave. Thank you for unashamedly leading by example that true beauty is of a gentle and quiet spirit.

Thank you for teaching us to know and cherish God's Word. With Scripture as our guide, we will not easily go astray.

Thank you for spending hour upon hour helping with academic studies. Without a mom to patiently guide a child through confusing subjects, many would give up and feel like a failure.

Thank you for teaching us to enjoy the home and delight in caring for one's family. A joyful mother makes the atmosphere of a home infinitely better!

Thank you for guiding young women through our tumultuous emotions. Without your steadying influence and helpful explanations, many would be confused and depressed.

Thank you for your prayers. A praying mother can change lives and bring peace in troubled times.

Thank you for being real and honest. Showing that you're not perfect and exhibiting humility makes your message ring truer and your example an easier one to follow.

Thank you for your patience and forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes, and to know that a mom is there that will not judge or hold grudges lends stability and brings about quick repentance.

Finally, thank you for leading by example that motherhood is a wonderful thing. If many girls follow in your footsteps, we can truly mold and change society, one child at a time.


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Rachel said...

Wonderful! Every mother out there should read this, it's so true.

Elijah Lofgren said...

Amen! Mothers go through so much. Thank you Mom for all you've done! :)

Kelsey Smith said...

Beautiful! Happy Mothers Day!


Ella said...

Wonderful words! Wonderful flowers! I whole heartedly agree!

Maria Pauline said...

Thanks for honoring the mothers of the faith! And at the same time you show the qualities we should strive for as we grow older.

Anonymous said...

Very nice