Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Touches of Spring

The flowers of spring this year haven't turned out as glorious as those of years past. Because of the lack of rain last year, many of our azalea bushes didn't bloom this year, and because of the fluctuating weather, the wisteria never came out in full force. However, while sitting on the swing doing schoolwork, there's a beautiful sight down at the edge of the woods that never fails to brighten each day.
We don't know the name of these flowers, but they appear on trees throughout the forest each spring. The clumps of blossoms are so pretty!

"But I trust in Your [God's] unfailing love; my heart rejoices in Your salvation." ~Psalm 13:5


Sloan said...

What beautiful flowers Anna!

We have so many flowers around our house. I will have to post them on my blog!

Sloan <><

Mia said...

Beautiful pictures!
That's what I love about wildflowers--they may not have a name, but every year the blooms never cease to cheer the heart!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers Anna

Mrs. Hart said...

It's Mountain Laurel, Anna.

Anna Naomi said...

Thanks, Mrs. Hart! I had that name floating the back of my mind, but didn't know if it was this particular flower. Mom tried to look it up, but she couldn't find it in her flower book.

Luke said...

Very pretty!
love ya,