Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How to Make a Bun

Ever wondered how to make a "perfect" bun? It's really not that hard once you get the hang of it. As a dancer, I've gotten a lot of practice! The key for me turned out to be inexpensive hair nets and bobby pins - they really help keep the bun secure.

With The King's Praise Ballet's spring recital coming up in a month, I knew I needed some way of teaching the mothers how to make good buns for their daughters - I definitely wouldn't have time to make them all myself! I thought of having a "bun-making class" but it's hard to find a time when everyone would be available. So, with Jubilee graciously being my model and dad my photographer, I put together a bun-making tutorial complete with pictures for them to reference.

It doesn't have to be just for dancers! Putting your hair in a bun can be a great way to keep it off your neck and out of your face. If you're interested, check out "how to make a bun".


Luke said...

Very helpful! I make buns for Danielle's hair, but they only stay in for a short while before coming out. This will be useful for her recital in June!
love ya,

Bonnie said...

Aaah, brings back memories of when I used to wear buns for ballet!...correction: when my MUM used to put my hair in a bun, hehe... ;-)

Thanks for this demo!

Darelina said...

That was a great tutorial! Your model seems to have sat still very well. :)

Anna Naomi said...

Glad it looks helpful to you all! It's sometimes hard to write out things step-by-step that you normally automatically do.

Michele: Definitely get the hair nets! My buns used to always come out after a while until I started using hair nets.

Bonnie: It's neat that you used to do ballet!

Mrs. Darelina: Yes, Jubilee sat very well! She was a bit antsy at first, but I told her that the more she sat still, the sooner it would be over. ;-)

Sheila said...

Great stuff! This is how I used to make my buns when my hair was shorter, but my hair is so long and thick (it's not yet at my waist, but it is VERY thick) that by the time I'm finished wrapping the hair around the elastic, my bun is several inches long! Making it wrap more around and be wide instead of long doesn't seem to work either. :(

Great tutorial though! Most people don't have overly thick hair, so this works great! :D

Laura H. said...

Thankyou, that is most helpful. I wish my hair is too thick for a bun like that. I have to put mine up in a huge claw. :D :lol:

Do you make the scrunchies or did you buy them? I am looking for something like that for a wedding that I am doing. I need them for the flower girls.

Laura H.

Sloan said...

Anna you will never know how much this helps!

My sisterS are ALWAYS asking me to put their hair in buns. I try to, but fail EVERY SINGLE TIME! the end of the pony tail ALWAYS flips out! Thanks for being a GREAT help to a big sister who needed it BADLY!

Sloan <><

Anna Naomi said...

Shelia: I can relate to dealing with thick hair! No, my hair isn't that thick, but Miriam Rebekah's is very thick, and it's waist long, and another one of my students is about the same. We do their buns the same way, just trying to wrap it so it's wider, and using a LOT of bobby pins (maybe around 8-10!) all the way around the bun. It's not the most comfortable, but it keeps it in!

Laura: I ordered the scrunice in the picture from a dance website for one of my classes this year. They're very affordable - only $2 each. You can get them here:

Anna Naomi said...

Sloan: Glad it was a big help to you! Hope your sister's buns turn out well!

Jenib said...

Thank you for the best tutorial I have found on getting a good looking bun. My daughter has very long hair that is so hard to keep in a bun. I think your advice will do the trick for us. Just in time for the recital :-)

Laura H. -I found a really great place on ebay (of all places) for low priced scrunchies. There is a store called "Mally's Ally" and they sell tons of colors and styles of scrunchies like the one pictured.