Monday, April 28, 2008

The First Rose

Let me know if you all get tired of me posting pictures of flowers. =) I just enjoy them so much, it's hard to refrain from taking pictures and sharing the beauty!

After a soaking rain last night, I was exhilarated and walking through the fresh, cool morning air, when I discovered our first rose of the year.

Some things are just too beautiful for words to describe. No wonder roses are my favorite flower!


Anonymous said...

My family has been planting roses for years and they are my favorite flower also. Our first flower bloomed last week. Truly no words can describe roses.

Maria Pauline said...

Anna, since I haven't any real flowers to enjoy, yours are a treat. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

That rose is SO pretty...God is such a God of beauty. Thanks for sharing.

Your Sister in Christ,
Maiden Princess

Anonymous said...

That is georgeous. I love flower pictures, so don't feel bad at all for posting them. I just love them! (Encluding roses)

~Rachel, age 13

~Tami said...

I am enjoying the view! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Jesus,Rose of Sharon:
-a fragrant influence(Acts 8:4;3:6;4:10,13)
-a beautiful life(John 14:6;7:46)
-bloomed for others(John 10:10;Matthew 20:28;2 Corinthians 8:9)
-an eternal bouquet(Hebrews 5:9;Revelation 2:10;John 14:1-3)

Rachel said...

Gorgeous! I love roses (flowers in general) so much. I haven't seen any roses in Idaho yet, but they're coming I'm sure. Though we do have many lovely daffodils and tulips and other little flowers.

Elijah Lofgren said...

> Let me know if you all get tired of me posting pictures of flowers. =)

Never! Keep them coming! I look forward to seeing and smelling them in person in just a few days! :)

Katie said...

I love flowers too! They are just a speck of Gods wonderful creation! Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful flower! Roses are one of my favorite flowers as well! :) We just had one to bloom in our yard as well a few weeks ago. :)