Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting Ready For...

Need I say more? =)

Between all the lessons and schoolwork of a normal week and planning, shopping for food, and packing up everything we need to survive out in the wild (just kidding - we're actually camping in a very comfortable place!) and getting the house ready for out-of-town guests coming for the camping trip, I have a good excuse for not posting much on here this week.

Tomorrow our family plus the Harts and more then 10 other families will be heading out to spend three days in God's beautiful outdoors. This is the semi-annual family camp-out eagerly anticipated by all involved. So, if your comments don't get published or emails answered, you'll know why: we're having a great break from technology, sleeping in tents, and playing games with old and dear friends.

Now we're just praying it won't rain on us, but even if it does (as it has before) we'll still have a wonderful time!

Have a great weekend!

Photo edited by Miriam L.


Elijah Lofgren said...

I can hardly wait! :)

Mrs. Hart said...

Yay!!! But I'm hoping the rain will just pass on through! (PLEASE, Lord?!)
See y'all tomorrow, rain or shine!

thepatriot said...

Have fun! I wish it were possible to camp in March in Nebraska. :)

Geri said...

Lucky! I hope to start something like that for my family! It sounds like so much fun! Enjoy yourselves!

Sloan said...

Have a WONDERFUL time Miriam! Be careful of all of the
WiLd AnImAlS! Just kidding :o)

Have a great time,

Sloan <><

Ella said...

Have a fabulous time!

Luke said...

Have a great time! Wish we could come but there should be another time. :)
love you,

Kim said...

It's rained on us when we were camping too...but it IS still fun...especially when there are soo many people going!!

Have a great time!!

Maria Pauline said...

Camping? Well, maybe in Alabama. We still have too much snow and lots of puddles.

Have fun!

A Young Lady In Waiting said...

Have a great time and watch out for bears!

Elijah Lofgren said...

I enjoyed this camping trip more than any previous ones!!!! I'm enjoying life more probably partially due to the fact that it appears I have turned into a people person. God is good! :)

Two quotes I like:

"Love God. Love People. Nothing Else Matters" - My cousin Karis Rosell

"God first, people second, grades third" - Dr. R.V. Hood

Sheila said...

Hope you have (or maybe had) fun!!!

God bless,