Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easy Craft Project

No, we haven't dropped off the face of the earth while camping! =) We had a wonderful 3 days, tiring, yet full of fun! Currently I'm trying to sort through the hundreds of pictures our family took and make a camping slideshow to remember the event. Check back for pictures hopefully this week!

My sister Miriam had a birthday on Monday, and as we normally do, I asked her for her wish list before I bought her present. One of the things she wanted was a bulletin board that had ribbons across it so that you could hang things on it without pins. I know I've seen ones like that, but never for sale in the stores. However, it sounded easy enough to make, and I knew it would be a fun yet quick and easy project with which to be creative.

I bought the bulletin board and ribbons at Walmart then set to work. This project would also work well with ribbon scraps you already have, but I wanted to have enough to do some uniform design - though the blue around the edges was ribbon I had left over. The possibilities of decorating a bulletin board are endless; just use your favorite colored ribbons or edging, with fun designs and patterns and it will turn out beautifully! I've also seen boards with fabric in the background, if you want a color different from the regular brown. All you need to put it together is a scissor and stapler; pull the ribbons taut and staple in place on the edges and a few spots in the middle - really wherever it needs it!

When finished, insert your photos and you're done! Miriam said she'll probably use it for those Christmas photos you get in the mail each year. It's a great idea, because when the next year comes, you can simply switch out each family's old picture for their new one.

There you have it: a fun yet easy way to make something in your home a little more beautiful! Maybe I should make one for myself now. =)


Jody said...

Very nicely done, Anna! Andrea has made these before with the fabric in the background like you suggested. She also put little flowers or beads or some other embelishment in the center of each ribbon (where they intersect). So many variations to be made!!!

I know you all had fun camping. Glad you are back safe and sound!

Darelina said...

You did a great job! It looks just like you bought it from a store. Awesome!

Luke said...

What a neat idea! Its so simple,too.
When will you and Jubilee be done with school? We have about five more weeks left. Slowly but surely we're getting done!

love you,

Anna Naomi said...

Mrs. Jody: That's neat that Andrea's made them! I'll have to remember her idea of putting embellishments where the ribbons intersect - it sounds pretty!

Michele: Hmm... I haven't mapped out when I'll be done to the day, but I'm hoping around the middle of May. I assume that's around when Jubilee will finish as well. It's weird to think it's my last semester of high school! It's great that you only have 5 weeks left!

A Young Lady In Waiting said...

You did an awesome job! I'm glad you had a great trip and glad the bears didn't eat ya ;)

Maria Pauline said...

That's pretty! I'm glad you had a good camping trip.

Raora said...

Hi Ladies!

Thank you for commenting on my blog!

I enjoyed reading your own blog, and I will continue to come here quite regularly!

That bulletin looks like a neat craft! Useful and lovely! It looks just like it came right out of the store! Oh, wow, someone already said that, didn't they!

Reading your profile, I decided that we had a lot in common. I know and like all of the artists you mentioned, and I love playing and writing music on the piano!

I would love to be friends with you all, and you are welcome to come back and visit as often as you like.


Mardi said...

You did a good job! That is a neat idea! I may have to try that one day!