Monday, February 18, 2008

Sibling Spotlight: Joel James

About two years older than myself, Joel is probably the sibling I am closest to. To describe him would take words that I don't think I have. He is funny, goofy, all-out, and absolutely all guy.
Joel is also very creative. His ingenious creativity has always amazed me. He can take all sorts of odds and ends make something so neat! Making pretend eyeglasses from wire, building buggies out of lawnmower frames, and very good woodcrafting are just a few of the neat and amazing things he can do.

Joel never fails to make me laugh. If it's playing a piano duet or washing dishes together, we usually ended up laughing our heads off (and covered in suds!). He and I always had an ongoing game of trying to scare the daylights out of the other. It was easier to make me jump, so I loved it when I could make Joel yell. :)
I remember one instance when lights had been turned out for the night and I was in bed. All of the sudden, something hit the door and started banging loudly...yep, he got me.

From working in the same schoolbooks and playing piano duets, to playing "knights and castles" and work, Joel and I did many things together. One of my favorite things to do was enter the imaginary world with Joel. In my opinion, I've never played with anyone better at it. He made it real.
Joel is extremely talented. He plays piano beautifully and is excellent at the trumpet. He can play almost any instrument he picks up and sings quite well.

Joel is a volunteer firefighter and lives up the road at our local firestation. He works for the local Water Works office which is, happily for him, right beside the firestation. He is doing very well at his job and enjoys it.

Joel is also an obsessed pyrotechnic. Ever since he could work a lighter, he loved lighting firecrackers, bottlerockets, and any kind of firework he could get his hands on. As he got older, it became a more serious fascination. At seventeen, he worked with a man who shoots a major firework show at the Fourth of July and Christmas in a close-by city. Since he was underaged, Dad learned how to shoot shows, as well. Now Joel and Daddy have shot professional firework shows at the Fourth of July, Christmas and even baseball games. Joel is now almost twenty and can do it by himself. He loves it! He started a New Year's Eve show in our community and it has been a great success the two times that it has been done so far.

We like to tease Joel about being a fireman and shooting fireworks. He may have to put out one of his own fires one of these days (just joking, he's quite safe!). =)

Ever since Joel moved out, I have missed him so much! He's no longer at the end of the table, making faces and causing me to choke back laughter. There's no more spontaneous sitting down at the piano and playing "Heart and Soul" (again). =) I can't look outside and see him walking up and down the driveway playing taps on his trumpet.

Joel, I miss you and love you! You're a wonderful brother and you are making a great uncle. Kids always have and always will love you! You're just too cool and funny!


Anna Naomi said...

Two posts from Miriam in a row!! *falls over in shock* I love to read what you have to say! =)

This is a great spotlight on Joel! I can tell that you miss him - as I do my big brother. Elijah and I used to try to scare each other as well when we were younger, and he usually got me more. I also have rather frightening memories of some of the times I was startled at your house! ;-)

Sloan said...


It sounds like you have the best brother! I have ALWAYS wanted a big brother myslef! But I was blessed with 3 little sisters! :o)
It sounds like you two love each other a lot! Siblings are TRULY a wonderful blessing.

Sloan <><

Ella said...

Miriam, my brother is a lot like yours. He is aboslutely fascinated with fire...and is very very skilled at woodworking.

You come from a very musical family, don't you?

Miriam Rebekah said...

I know, Anna. I wasn't sure if I should warn you first about posting twice, so you wouldn't be too shocked. =)

I not only have the best brother, but the best brothers!
We don't always get along, but I couldn't do without them.

Yes Ella, we're all pretty musical.

Luke said...


I think it is so wonderful that you have such great relationships with your brothers! I grew up with three sisters, so I have only that experience. My prayer for my kids is that they will grow up to be really great friends.

God bless,