Monday, February 18, 2008

The Pop Culture Creed "Give Us Something To Live For."

Almost ten years ago, my brother Seth wrote an essay for a writing contest and won first place. Though I only found about it recently, I asked to read it. It was very well written and while reading it, I was saddened by the fact that it was so true. It is written from the point of view of the ones who have been deceived by what the world has to offer. Rather a different perspective.

The Pop Culture Creed "Give Us Something To Live For".
by S. D. Hart
I (or we, as it were) promise to not have any convictions of our own, but instead adopt the beliefs of the almighty majority. We all march to the same cadence; the voices of our songs tell us to live for the moment, to hope for nothing more in life beyond relationships based on our corrupted idea of love. We are told that if you're mature enough free sex is fun. But no one said that we would face destructive consequences for our promiscuity. One of our singers has said if it makes you happy it can't be that bad, but if it makes you happy then why are you so sad? It is a question we can't answer. Our movies tell us to glory in violence and illicit sex as good entertainment. The advertisers tell us to buy, buy, buy. It'll make you cool and fashionable,
besides, everyone has this. They have told us that lust is really just hormones and that pornography is art and the gays were just born that way. So, quickly we become a society without individuality. We are told to accept anything, to have an open yet cynical mind - this is our confusion. We are taught to discredit age, after all history is boring compared to sports. We learn that all religions lead to God so all are equal, all except for the weak right-wing fundamentalists who are brave enough to call themselves Christians. We pride ourselves on our
pluralistic mind set. But in striving to accept all ways of thinking and all beliefs we have nothing in which to set our own hearts. We move as one body from fad to fad, always restless and never satisfied. We hide the shallowness of our empty hearts by creating a complex web of trivial knowledge. Many cannot cope with this pointless life and so they self-destruct. Others decide to jump out of the line and march to a different drum than ours. They are brave; however many cannot take the pressure we put on them to return and be acceptable like us. But there are those who will not break and they walk with great freedom through the Mall their heads held high, wearing their independence from this prison of doubt proudly. We shun them in the presence of
our friends in order to cover our all consuming insecurity. But in private we covet friendships with them, thinking that perhaps we also may one day take a stand as they have. But they are all too few and we need something greater to change us all and give us a reason to live. The MEDIA says there is no god but money and fame. And we have seen no different. It would be great if there was a God (male or female we don't care) that really cared about ME and knew ME and would show ME a purpose for this life. Until then, we don our Tommy jeans and POLO shirts, turn up Hootie' and follow the crowd to the club. But God, if you're really real, I know there must be a better way. So please tell us, please tell ME somehow of life above this.


Maria Pauline said...

Well said. It is so sad that so many fling away everything to have nothing at all. And yet it is more sad that they do not want to receive the wonderful gift of purpose.

Maria Pauline

Mardi said...

Wow. That is an awesome description of the truth. Your brother writes good. I agree with you, it is sad that our world believes the lie the media feeds us. Thank you for sharing!

Moma Ant' said...

Wow...that was well said! Thanks for posting that!

Anna Naomi said...

Thanks for posting something that Seth wrote - it was very interesting and sadly true of this culture. What writing contest did he do it for?

Miriam Rebekah said...

Anna, I'm not sure what contest he entered. It was an essay contest, I do know that.
I'll have to ask him. I think it was "Alpha" something.