Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope you have a wonderful day filled with God's love and the love of family and friends!

What are your Valentine's Day traditions? Each year, we have a family party where we put cards and candy on each other's plates. It's a nice way to remember to express love and thankfulness for each other and to get some yummy treats! =) A new tradition of mine is to wear my red rose dress - a perfect dress for Valentine's Day!

What are your plans for today?


A Young Lady In Waiting said...

Such a pretty dress! Our family doesn't have any traditions, but I just had to comment to say WONDERFUL dress.
Happy Valentine's day!

Luke said...

Our tradition I think since Danielle was born is for the kids and me to make Luke a big chocolate chip cookie cake and decorate it with frosting. I also try to make Luke a special dinner which usually turns out to be pasties. :) Luke and I also for several years have gotten each of the children a little box of chocolate candies. Luke's and my Vday celebration doesn't have a tradition, but usually we get each other candy and a card and go out to eat at a nice restaurant and of course, flowers. :) He gets me my favorite: carnations. For the last two years he's gotten me a balloon which the chidren enjoy as well!

Ella said...

My family doesn't have any traditions. Guess when you have a birthday the day before and an anniversary the day after, it gets overlooked!

Maria Pauline said...

That's a pretty dress!

One of the few events our homeschool group holds is an annual Valentine's day party. We go ice skating, have a potluck, and exchange Valentine's. Even though most of the children are under the age of ten and I have no clue who they are, I enjoy skating with my friends.

Maria Pauline

Mandy Grace said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day! When I was younger my mom, sisters, and I would host a V-Day tea party for our friends - both moms and daughters. We haven't done that in a long time, but I'd like to get back to it! I'll have to keep it in mind for next year.


Andy Moore said...

Wow, this comes as a bit of a shock. In New Zealand, Valentines Day is all about boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. Well, mums and dads celebrate it as well - but it's definitely not seen as a family thing. Cool!

Anna Naomi said...

Thank you all for sharing! I enjoyed reading your ideas.

Andy Moore: In America, it's mainly seen as a boyfriend/girlfriend thing as well. However, our family has always made it a family celebration, which is fun!