Wednesday, February 20, 2008

God's Beauty in the Sunsets

As I was driving home from dance last night, I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing God paint another one of His sunsets. They don't last long - here a moment and gone the next - yet the brilliant colors and intricate patterns give us a glimpse into God's amazing creativity. I thoroughly enjoy witnessing these spectacular events, for to me they're often rare. It's one thing our quiet little valley prevents; all the trees make it impossible to see the sky-canvass for such masterpieces.

This particular sky wasn't the most unique I've seen, yet the colors still thrilled my soul. It started with a display in my rear view mirror; streaks of purple, blue, and pink blended together in a soft pastel palette. Stealing glimpses into it was pleasant as the colors melded together in a soothing way before too quickly fading away. The next beauty was placed in front of me, where it looked as God left just one wide stroke of the prettiest pink painted across the sky. Set against the blue of the sky, my eyes had a feast as I got to savor my favorite color. Too soon I had driven beyond it, and it seemed as though the sunset had already ended. Winding down the familiar roads toward home, however, I caught another display out of the corner of my eye. As the road bent, it came into clearer view. This time vibrant and deep pinks and blues were twisting together and swirling throughout the sky. It seemed to be the very embodiment of joy, leaving my spirit uplifted as the dark hurried in.

My purpose in this poetic ramble? To remind you of the awesomeness of God and to urge you to never fail to see the beauty around you. Don't loose it by getting preoccupied or stressed on a busy day - look for and savor the loveliness! It will never fail to encourage you, whatever you're doing. It's there all around us; in the sky, whether alive with color, crystal clear, or full of fluffy cotton clouds. It's in the cheerful daffodils blooming in the yard and in the sweet faces of little boys and girls. Look for it, savor the small things God gave us, and search for His fingerprint wherever you go. You won't be disappointed. Don't miss it!


The White's said...

Hello Anna-Naomi, I have been a silent reader on Maidens of Worth for quit some time now. When I read this post though I was inspired to comment. I am one of your fellow readers of Systematic Theology in the cafe. This post just reminded me of the chapter on creation. God didn't just create things He continues to create them and sunsets are such a wonderful example of that! I am so thankful that God makes sunsets so we can see His majesty and wonder. Sorry I didn't mean to make the comment so long! :D

-Victoria W.

Ella said...

I love sunsets...I think Idaho has some of the best. I always say it is God using His paintbrushes!

Maria said...

What a lovely word painting! Admiring God's artwork has always been one of my favorite pastimes.

Maria Pauline

Miriam Rebekah said...

Beautifully done! It was worded so well I was seeing it exactly in my head.
What a wonderful example of God's love for us and such a show of His majesty!

Anna Naomi said...

Victoria, thanks for commenting! I always enjoy hearing from people who read our blog, and long comments are nice! =) I really enjoyed the chapter on Creation in Systematic Theology, and God's sunsets do beautifully show forth His continually creativity!

Ella, I always think that too - God uses His paintbrushes in a beautiful way!

Maria: I agree! His beauty is so evident!

Miriam Rebekah: I'm glad it came out right, for that's what I wanted to do, let you see it in your head. I had the descriptions running through my head until I knew I just had to write it down! =)