Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Doing Hard Things: Campaigning

This year marks the first I've really done much in helping to campaign for a politician. It's not exactly my favorite thing to do (to put it mildly!) - in fact, it's one of those "hard things" for me. However, inspired by the Rebelutionaries I've known and read about, this time, with my family's help, I was able to do a little.

As you can see, Mike Huckabee is our family's candidate of choice. Although I'm not yet old enough to vote in the primaries (I will by the time November rolls around!) I can still help out and encourage others to vote.

The first thing I did was to make some signs for us to hold. Since I enjoy artsy things, this was really enjoyable to do. I wrote with pencil and colored over with markers while listening to CDs. They're not perfect signs, but they definitely work and catch the eye!

On Saturday, we were able to attend a Huckabee rally when he came to Montgomery. When the coordinators saw our homemade signs, they immediately pushed Jubilee and I to the front. I'm not one that really cares too much about that sort of thing, but we did get a very nice view, and we held our signs high even though our arms began to ache. It was inspiring to see Mike Huckabee right in front of us and get to hear him in person. While there, a homeschooling family who was traveling and working with Huckabee's campaign gave me a huge stack of brochures with the plea to get them out to as many people as possible.

I wasn't really looking to hand out literature, but since we were given 50-60 papers, I knew that we shouldn't waste them. So, yesterday Dad and I walked (in the first really warm (hot!) day recently) door to door in a close neighborhood, ringing doorbells, asking people to consider voting for Huckabee, and leaving flyers where no one answered. I do not like talking to people I don't know, but I found out that people are actually very nice when you ring their doorbells, and very willing to take what you give them. Daddy did do most of the talking however, which was nice. :) We were able to distribute all but 15 of the papers before we had to stop for lunch and so I could go teach dance; it took around 1 1/2 hours, as the neighborhood nearest us is very spread out. But, it was fun to walk with Dad and get some good exercise!

Then this morning Jubilee and I stood at the intersection near the place to vote for us from 7:15-8:15 a.m. holding signs. Again, it was pleasant to see how nice people were. We got many honks, waves and smiles (only 2 unfavorable ones!) and as we were the only people standing out, we hopefully influenced at least a few people. Dad and Jubi may stand out later today as I'm at dance before we go to band.

All-in-all, we didn't do all that much. We weren't a part of an organized campaign, and we didn't work all day for a week. However, we did what we could in the time that we had, and hopefully made at least a little difference.

If you're in a Super Tuesday state and eligible to vote, make sure that you get out and vote today! And, consider Huckabee! =)

Note: I do not want to get in a big debate in the comments section about the candidates. Feel free to state who you support, but please don't get in an argument over why you do. Thanks! :-)


Rebekah S. said...

GO, HUCKABEE!!!! It was so encouraging to read this post, and to know that there are others out there who love Huckabee! :) I wish I was old enough to vote! Mama and Daddy will be voting tonight though, and will be voting for him. He's by far our very favorite candidate.

I'm so happy that you campaigned for him! That's so great. And how exciting to see him in person at the rally! :) He came here to Chattanooga yesterday morning at 8am, but we were unable to go. I was sad, because I knew Daddy was really wanting to see him(and so was I!), but since he was at work, we couldn't all go.

I really enjoyed this post, Anna! :) Hopefully Huckabee will do really well tonight!


Michelle said...

Glad to see you getting involved!!!

Miriam Rebekah said...

Go Huckabee!!!
I also wish I was old enough to vote. I'll turn 18 about a week after vote in November. :(
Oh well, I'm still trying to get as involved as I can with my busy schedule.

thepatriot said...

Okay, I won't debate Huckabee... :)

Anna I'm so glad you're getting an opportunity to stretch yourself in this way. Campaigning (I think) is SO fun! Sign waving becomes a game to see how hard you have to work to get crabby people to wave :) and going up to doors can be fun, in greeting people (if they're home).

Have fun with it! It's an awesome way to get involved in politics.

Ella said...

Go Huckabee!!! Unfortunately, my state is doing democrats today, but I won't be 18 for another 8 days, so my heart isn't broken!!! Lord willing, Huckabee will shock the world.

Anna, I have been praying....you knew that. Bravo on doing hard things!

Oh, to Rebekah, I wanted to say hi throug the blog. I am working on getting yours unblocked....still!

Sarah said...

I just wanted to commend you for being so involved in the voting process. I have heard that a lot of young people don't vote, and I'm so glad to see some who really care about where our nation is going and are willing to do something about it.

Anna Naomi said...

Well, Huckabee won Alabama, which was great! I'm afraid he didn't do that well overall, though.

Thank you for all your comments! I've enjoyed reading them. Yes Jen, campaigning can be kind of fun - though it still isn't one of my favorite things to do. =)

Katie said...

Yea Huckabee's diffinatly the best candidate.

Ella said...

Anna, I thought Huckabee had a very good showing last night. I wasn't expecting him to take what he did. But hey! He won your state!

Laura H. said...

May the best man win! All is fair in love and war! As the poet says! :)

Good to see there are others out there that like Huckabee. My brother likes him. I don't know about him, much.I do like what he stands for. I just listen to what the news says, and let the Lord do the rest.Amen!

Laura H.

Maiden Of Virtue said...

I am for Ron Paul, although Huckabee does have good values.

I know that the Lord knows best, and that all things will work for his glory- much better than we could ever do! :)

Thank you for leaving a comment at the Stay-At-Home Daughters blog! :)

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