Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Barefoot Walk in February

The day was windy and overcast; the weather unseasonably warm and inviting. The outdoors beckoned, calling me to forsake the dull inside life and get out into God's beautiful creation. Pulling off my socks and slippers, I joyously set out for a short walk, drinking deep of the fresh air. Yes, I'm truly a barefoot country lass at heart! No, I'm not that outdoorsy most of the time, but sometimes there's just nothing better then a walk in the solitude of the woods. Never mind the rocks and pinecones littering the dirt road - my feet are tough and enjoy the feeling of dirt between my toes!

I set out across the yard, tiptoeing over pricklies, and went up our driveway, aptly named Sandhill Road. The birds twittered and hopped through the brush as the breeze rustled the trees. Climbing the "big orange hill", I stepped into the clearing and gazed down the rolling hills kept clear for the power lines. It felt like it would soon storm as the wind whipped through, shaking the tall pine trees and making my skirt billow. I stood still for a moment, savoring the feeling as the wind drove through, so hard it felt as though I could jump and fly with it. Turning back towards home, I descended into the quiet valley, feeling the stillness for a brief moment - until the breeze again rippled through.

I so enjoy our place in the valley. The quiet solitude and beautiful surroundings - yes, this is my home. Writing outside on the swing, working inside with a beautiful tableau just outside the window - it's the little things I take for granted. The fluctuating weather may be sometimes annoying, but the warm Alabama days that appear throughout the winter give a gleam of joy and an opportunity to again walk outside in bare feet...


Lydia said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful poetic reflections! It helped me to live in the moment with you. I miss those peaceful walks in the woods along our dirt road. Praise God for his creation! His creation is truly the BEST art!

Katie said...

It sounds beautiful!

Maria Pauline said...

I love going barefoot! I usually take my shoes off whenever possible. Minnesota weather only allows barefeet from May to September or so, but because of sharp objects around my father's workshop and resurfacing buried trash in our grove, I have to be very cautious. Aren't feet beautiful?

Maria Pauline

Anna Naomi said...

Lydia, I miss having you here! Can't wait until your spring break!

Maria Pauline: Another bare feet enthusiast! =) I can see why you wouldn't be able to go barefoot right now in Minnesota! Yes, feet are beautiful - most of the time. ;-)