Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Joy of Dresses

It's been two years now since I "took the plunge" and began wearing skirts or dresses almost exclusively. I still enjoy them - ever so much! I don't think my enthusiasm for them will ever wear off. Why would you not want to wear them, when they're so much fun? =) I know that everyone's different, and I respect that. However, for me, I've found great delight and joy in dressing in a distinctly, though very different, feminine way.

Dresses are fun to make for me or for others. Picking the fabric and style for a new dress can be most enjoyable!

Skirts are versatile, and I've found that you can still play hard while wearing them. Yes, you have to be more careful, but it reminds me to act like a lady through it all.

It's fun to wear old-fashioned ones, and take a step back in time

It's fun to wear matching ones with your sisters or friends, especially when they're lacy and full!

They're fun to take pictures of or pose in

They're fun when walking in a winter wonderland

Or when enjoying God's creation on a hike or just when taking a stroll

They just make daily life more special!

Yes, people do think I'm kind of strange - even my siblings think I'm a bit weird - but I don't care. :-) The enjoyment of always feeling like a princess far outweighs the concern I have over what people may think of me.

Just try it for a day... and feel the delight.

Yes, I'd still rather wear a dress!


Lauren Christine said...

Well said! :) You look lovely and beautiful! May the Lord bless you.

Luke said...

You're so much fun, Anna! :)

love ya!

Laura H. said...

Well spoken! I love dresses too! I especially like to make my own costumes, that are period and modest. I think they are fun! Keep up the good work!

Laura H.

Sammybunny said...

I LOVE skirts as well! Right, now though, it is so cold that I must admit, I prefer to wear tights under jeans so I can be warmer! I do think that God does not mind women wearing pants as long as they are feminine and modest but skirts DO make one feel like a lady! (and a Princess!)

Natasha said...

I'm still trying to make the complete switch from skirts to pants (this process has been going on for about a year!).

A question I had is do you own any pants? (Kind of strange sounding, lol.) I've recently been personally convicted about not wearing pants; but sometimes its so much easier to pull out a pair of pants. ;-( (Do hard things...)

Anyway; you look so very lovely in everything you wear- I especially love the dress with the matching bonnet and the winter dress with coordinating shawl/cape.

God bless!

Elijah Lofgren said...

You are weird Anna, but weird is good! :)

Love ya,

Your brother Elijah

Anna Naomi said...

Lauren Christine: Thank you! My younger sister was the model for two of the dresses. =)

Michele: Thanks! You're a lot of fun too! :-)

Laura: Yes, costumes can be the most fun to make and wear!

Sammybunny: Yes, skirts can be cold, especially in the north with snow. It's not too bad down here, most of the time. I made a flannel slip to wear, and socks, slippers, and sweaters help stay warm!

Natasha: Yes, I still own a few pairs of pants. I rarely wear them except to sleep in, or paint the guest house with my dad, etc. I don't think pants are wrong to wear, but I feel much better in and enjoy skirts more. I don't really like wearing pants anymore...

Elijah: Thanks, Elijah. =)

Allison said...

I love the dresses you make. I too, love to wear dresses and skirts above pants, but I don't exclusively wear skirts.

The Howard Family said...

Wow. There's so much to say! I suppose first I should introduce myself! :)

My name is Olivia (age 15) and you could say I live in the North. I am the oldest of 4 siblings, am homeschooled, and LOVE to sew. That sums up my life, right? :)

I've been "lurking" around this blog recently (I'm pretty sure I even went back and looked at the archives...) because a friend recommended it. You both are fun to read about! :)

Now, onto my skirts story. About 2 years ago my (younger!) sister made a new year's resolution to wear only skirts because she felt that was what God wanted her to do. I thought she was crazy at the time and thought her plain "weird." During this time she tried to encourage me to be more feminine. If I wore a skirt one day in a month (except for Sundays, of course) she would rejoice and make sure everybody she saw that day knew that I was wearing a skirt. :) There was no way I was going to copy my little sister. No way.
Once the cold weather hit, though, in mid-October, she stopped wearing skirts and dresses most of the time because it was, well, cold. This allowed ME to wear skirts because then I wouldn't be copying my little sister. Who knew that my sister giving up would encourage me to start? :)

At the time, I only had 1 or 2 skirts I could wear to "play" in. Then Spring shopping came around and I bought 1 pair of Capri’s (which men don't wear, by the way. I think they are much more feminine than pants) and several skirts. Since then I've gradually, as the annual shopping times come (and I've stopped growing), added to my skirt collection. When I grew out of my pants, I didn't buy more to replace them. I bought skirts. In this way I practically MADE myself HAVE to wear skirts. That's what God convicted me of, and I made it easier for myself. :)

Now I wear skirts all the time and I feel uncomfortable in pants.

Two last things and then it's bedtime.
What about dresses? And how do you stay warm in the winter?

1) If I had more dresses, I would wear them. Right now I only have a sundress, so that's strictly "summer." I'm actually trying to get around to sewing some costumes for "everyday wear."

2) Staying warm-- well, first, I wear lots of layers. I usually wear under my skirts in the winter (if I'm planning on going outside) a full pair of tights or calf-length tights (I like these because I can go barefoot and not worry about putting holes in them), a petticoat, knee-high socks, and then slippers or shoes. Alternatively I wear a pair of bloomers instead of tights. I made them without a pattern and they are soooo warm and soooo comfortable because I don't have to worry about if I am wrestling with my two-year-old brother on the floor and he lifts my skirt up. I've got bloomers! :)

Okay, okay. I just thought of four more things. :)
1) I've been able to do TONS of things in skirts. I don't feel limited at all. I've power washed dirt, ridden a bike, waded in the ocean, played tag in a stream under a highway, installed a water garden, helped people move, spring-cleaned, and a whole bunch more, all in skirts! And I was able to stay modest and feminine not only in dress but in deed because I felt modest and feminine!

2) Once I started getting into a habit of wearing skirts, I noticed my friends starting to wear skirts. This is a HUGE encouragement!

3) Drab clothes? Not a chance! I always felt "self-conscious" when trying to wear the modest version of all the world's clothing fashions. Now when I just wear cute clothes, whether they are the latest thing or not, I feel VERY self-CONFIDENT (sorry, I'd do italics if I knew how) and pretty all the time! Colors, textures, flattering (not revealing) clothing, and a cute pair of shoes completely change everything! It is honestly fun to get dressed in the morning.

4) Also, I've found that I shouldn't draw attention to what I'm wearing by twirling (unessicarily) in a circle skirt, jumping up and down in a springy one, or anything of the like, it shows that this is something that you are convicted of and it's not something you are trying to rub in their face.

Oh, and as for what everybody thinks of you, I've found modest clothing to be a GREAT way to show people you are a Christian and is a great ice-breaker for Jesus. I love the prayer from Alyssa Colby, "My God, make me one who cares not what others think of me, but what You think of me, and what others think of You because of me."

Thanks for reading this loooong comment! I love your blog!


Anna Naomi said...

Natasha: I forgot to mention before - the cape I'm wearing in the snow isn't actually mine. I was borrowing it from the Duffs (they made them) to take fun pictures in. =)

Allison: Most girls seem to like dresses/skirts above pants, but whether you wear them full time is entirely up to you!

Olivia: Thanks for introducing yourself and leaving such a nice long comment! It's always fun to hear from our readers.

I know what you mean. I struggled for a while about whether or not to wear mostly skirts, and did feel that God wanted me to. When I began, I felt at peace, and now I feel uncomfortable in pants. Yes, I think dresses/skirts are more comfortable!

Great ideas on staying warm - I've thought about making bloomers, and hopefully will sometime. =) I also probably wear skirts more than dresses, but dresses are more fun and often prettier to wear. However, skirts are usually a little easier to do day-to-day things in.

I've also done many things in skirts, hiking, biking, playing volleyball, ultimate frisbee, etc. After all, women did wear skirts for centuries and did many things!

Thanks for sharing that prayer - it's lovely.

Rebekah S. said...

I adored this post(as well as the ones you linked to!). I wear skirts/dresses/jumpers exclusively, and what a joy it is to find another likeminded young lady, who desires to dress in a distictly feminine way, as God desires! We're supposed to look different than men do, yet that is all too often lost these days, with both men and women wearing just jeans and pants. Praise God for such a distinctly feminine, ladylike friend like you, Anna! :) This post brought such joy to my heart.

I recently came across an outstanding sermon on this very subject. It's the best one I've ever read. I just posted in on my blog yesterday, so please go read it when you find the time!! If you wanted to, you could even post it here on your blog!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Rebekah S. said...


I've actually discovered just recently that wearing a skirt can be much warmer in the winter than pants! I was recently in a pioneer-era reinactment, and so I wore the period dresses of that era. It was the beginning of December when we had this reinactment, and so it was cold! I found that I could bundle up a whole lot more under a skirt than I ever could under a pair of pants! I was so warm! :) You might want to try it sometime, since you as well enjoy wearing skirts so much.



There's an outstanding sermon on this very subject that I just posted on my blog. You might want to check it out! :)

In Christ,


Oh, how I rejoiced when I read your comment!! :) Yet another likeminded sister in Christ! Hurray! :) lol I, too, struggled sooooo much with what people would think of me if I wore a skirt or dress all the time. I was so worried about being thought weird(please go to http://byhisgraceandforhisglory.blogspot.com/2008/01/tuesdays-devotional.html for a devotional I recently wrote on this subject). The Lord convicted me of this, though, and I'm so glad He did! He showed me that being ashamed of dressing in a way that would please Him was a sin. My father had made it known last year that he loved it when Mama and I dressed like distinctly feminine ladies. But I'm so ashamed to say that, after he told us this, I would only wear skirts or dresses when I wasn't going to be seen by my peers(i.e. on the days when I pretty much just stayed at home). Then when the day of the week came to go to homeschool group meetings, I would quickly switch to pants, so that I wouldn't be thought weird by them. The Lord convicted me of this though, and I felt simply horrible for what I had done! I was only honoring my father and pleasing him when I wouldn't be seen by friends. I was so ashamed! I still occasionally struggle with worrying about what others are going to think of me. But I've come to realize that it doesn't matter whatsoever what others think of me! What matters is whether or not I'm pleasing God. He's called His daughters to be discinctly feminine and His sons to be distinctly masculine. And so, as a Christian, that is my duty! And I now delight in it! I would feel so weird if I were to put on a pair of pants(I've been wearing exlusively dresses and skirts for almost 1 year now). I love looking like a distinctly feminine lady, no matter what others think of me. When I would attend homeschool group wearing skirts (after the Lord covicted me), the kids there would say things like, "Why are you wearing a skirt?!" (as if it's such a shocker that a girl would want to look and dress like a gir! :)). I am just so thankful that the Lord has worked in my heart like He has. Blessed be His holy name!

As to finding dresses and skirts, I've found that one of the very best places to find pretty, fun, modest ones is at a thrift store! About 3/4 of my closet contains skirts and dresses(and shirts, too) that have been purchased at thrift stores. Oftentimes, you can find skirts and dresses there that look brand new.

I'm sorry for the length of this comment, but it was so nice to "meet" you! I would love it if you would stop by my blog sometime! :)

Blessings to you in Christ,


Rebekah S. said...

Your skirt and dresses are just so pretty, Anna! I love them!

I've been trying so hard to find a dark denim tiered skirt like that beautiful one you're wearing in a couple of the pics. Where did you find that?

Thanks! :)

Anna Naomi said...

Rebekah, it's neat you were able to be in a re-enactment! I've always thought that would be fun to do.

I found the tiered denim skirt a year ago at Walmart. They're not there anymore, but I know of one lady who found one at a thrift store. Or, tiered skirts aren't too hard to make - they just take a lot of gathering!


That is so wonderful that you have made this decision . I have never worn anything but skirts and dresses:) People do sometimes think it's weird, :) but I believe the Lord is pleased when we dress like ladies. :)

Emma said...

Dear Anna,
I've been reading your blog for a while now, and this post reminded me to tell you that your blog posts influenced me a lot when I was deciding whether or not it was worth it to forsake modern day fashion and wear dresses and skirts all the time. I DID decide that it was worth it, and I really can't believe how much I have benefited from my decision. So thank you for "taking the plunge" and then proceeding to blog about it.
God bless!

P.S. Glad to hear that AL got some snow! We just visited your lovely state in November of last year, and it didn't look like it was about to rain, let alone snow. God is good!

Anna Naomi said...

A Heart of Praise: It's fun to find other like-minded young ladies!

Emma: Thanks for your comment! It was encouraging to hear how my posts were used. I am glad that you have found peace in a "different" way of dressing!

Oh, and yes, the snow was great! It has been quite dry here, so any moisture is good!

Rebekah S. said...

Praise God, Emma! :)

Meghann said...

I too have taken the plunge about a year ago and completely agree with you! I really would love to know the pattern you used on the matching dresses in this post...if you know it?

Anna Naomi said...

Mrs. Jones: We used Simplicity pattern 5041. I've made quite a few dresses using it, and enjoyed them all!

Mark said...

Hi Anna Naomi,

I'm writing to congratulate you on your decision to wear mainly dresses and skirts. While not all Christians would agree with this, I think the Bible is clear that women should not wear pants (known as 'trousers' in the UK, where I live) as they pertaineth unto men.

You wrote that you believe God wants you to wear mostly skirts. Do you think you will some day give up wearing pants entirely?

I notice when someone left a comment asking what you do in the winter you referred to wearing a slip and socks, but not tights, pantyhose or bloomers. Personally I feel these are in the same category as pants as they're bifurcated garments (i.e. they have an enclosed covering for each leg) so should not be worn by Christian ladies. Do you also share this view?

As I mentioned, I live in the UK, and here we have a slightly different definition of modesty to American Christians. I sometimes think in America it is equated with covering as much of the body as possible, so the opposite of modesty would be exhibitionism. In my culture, we understand modesty to mean humility and self-sacrifice, and the opposite would be arrogance and selfishness.

So if a Christian girl here wondered whether she might be cold as a result of wearing a skirt or dress without any hosiery in winter, my response would be 'yes, you may be, but a modest Christian lady would rather this than add clothing that compromised her femininity and doesn't follow God's word'.

I wonder if this is why you don't wear tights? And also, perhaps, why you like to go barefoot?

On another matter, I read the poem about the value of a daughter. I think your parents have been enormously blessed by God to have such a daughter as you.

In fact, I've read all your blogs and I think you're a remarkable Christian lady. I think the most blessed man in God's creation is the one who will one day have the good fortune to marry you. If my future wife is anywhere close to being as Godly as you I shall thank the Lord daily for bringing us together.

Anna Naomi said...

Mark: Thank you for your comment. It was interesting and has challenged me to think about some things I hadn't much contemplated before.

As I have said other times, I do not believe that pants are evil. I'm not convinced that by the verse in Deuteronomy that God wants all women never to wear pants. I respect those who do, but in my experiences, as a girl whose sisters and mother all wear mostly pants, I do not believe that they are sinning by doing so. Yes, I believe that God called me to wear skirts mostly, but I think that He has to be the one to touch others hearts and lead them in the same way, if it's His will. I'd love it if all women wore skirts, but ultimately I think it is their decision, between them and God.

I do mostly wear skirts, rarely wearing pants. Someday I may find that I no longer wear them at all; I feel more uncomfortable in them now, so it's not unlikely that one day I won't really wear them.

I do not share the view that bifurcated garments are also off-limits for Christian women. In fact, I'd really never heard of such a thing! I often wear tights, etc. and often they seem necessary for modesty sake. Bloomers or shorts under a skirt when doing something highly active is sometimes a very important thing. Plus, it would be extremely cold especially in the North to not wear layers under skirts. I don't know why you thought I didn't wear tights; I actually wear them quite a bit, especially because I'm a dancer! My reasons for going barefoot are simply because I enjoy it! =)

I like your definition of modesty, that is in humility and self-sacrifice. These are things that all Christians should strive for. Yes, modesty does relate to what you wear, but ultimately it comes down to the attitude of the heart.

I understand that this is an issue where many people disagree. My thoughts may change one day, but right now this is where I feel God has led me.

Thank you for your encouragement, but let me remind you that I am in no way perfect! I pray that I am a good daughter and one day a good wife, but I have definitely not arrived as a model of how it should be. Praise God for where He's brought me thus far!

Anonymous said...
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Elijah Lofgren said...

Hi Hans-Joachim,

You probably didn't mean it, but your comment sounds kind of creepy.

Just know that Anna has two tall older brothers that will protect her from anyone with any ill intentions! ;)

God bless,

Elijah Lofgren

Mark said...

Hi Anna Naomi,

Thanks for adding my previous comment to your blog :-).

I appreciate that there has been a lot of debate about the interpretation of Deuteronomy 22:5 and that many Christians don't feel convicted to avoid wearing pants (if they're female) or lead their female family members away from such garments (if they're male).

Here's the verse (KJV):

"The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God."

I think most people would agree that skirts and dresses are women's garments and thus the Lord is telling men not to wear them. So the question is what clothing pertains to a man?

It's my view that God created men and women as equals, but different and complementary. So I think the clothing that pertains to men is what they wear in place of a skirt or dress, namely pants.

One thing nobody who disagrees with this interpretation has ever been able to explain to me is quite what other clothing the Lord meant women to avoid, if not trousers/pants.

The case against this interpretation is that pants aren't exclusively male attire. This is largely true today, though in my country (the UK) it's less than a century since women who wore them could be arrested and imprisoned for offending public decency and less than 15 years since most schools and workplaces required girls and women to wear skirts at all times. So their social acceptability is relatively recent. And in any case, the verse doesn't mention attire that is solely male, merely that which 'pertaineth unto man', meaning being most relevant to males.

My comment about other bifurcated garments, such as tights, is relevant only if one accepts that Deut 22:5 prohibits women from wearing pants. A pair of tights has precisely the same form factor as pants, with an additional length of material that encircles each foot. It also has the same function and intent, namely to cover the legs individually. This is why I believe that Godly women who feel called not to wear pants should additionally not wear tights.

As for modesty, I agree there are certain activities that can't easily be undertaken without pants or tights; but then, this may be God's way of discouraging women from such activities. In which case, a Godly man ought to notice that a woman is wearing a skirt or dress, anticipate her predicament, and offer to carry out that duty for her :-).

Mark said...

Hi Anna Naomi,

I forgot to say something very important: I understand that your sisters and mother wear pants and would like to reassure you that I don't believe they're doing anything unGodly, provided they and your father as head of your household don't hold that Deuteronomy 22:5 precludes doing so.

God bless,


Darelina said...

Your pictures are great! I love the matching dresses and the "old fashioned" one. I so wish I could sew!!!

My daughter (she's 3) has really gotten into wearing dresses. She tells me every morning, "I want to wear a princess dress". They have to be full so she can twirl and they spread out. Its been a real eye-opener, since I for the longest time, didn't like to wear dresses or skirts.

Anyway... liked your post!

Jaybird said...

Hi, Anna!

I enjoy reading your blog so very much! It is always such a pleasure to "meet" likeminded young women! like you, I also wear skirts and dresses exclusively (although, yes, I do clean the house and sleep in pants :)

I had a question, though, for Mark and others who believe that the Deuteronomy passage condemns women who wear pants: what about button down shirts? Should women wear them, since men wear them as well?

Again, thank you so much, Anna, for the encouragement that you are to young women, and what a strong stance you take for the Word of God!

Jaybird said...

I wanted to clarify something, though! I have the utmost respect for those who hold to a different interpretation and application of that passage than I! My question was not meant to be combative or sarcastic -I'm honestly seeking to fully understand this position. :)

Also, the reason I wear skirts and dresses exclusively is because 1) I am more comfortable in them, and 2) I think it is such a ministry to a culture that belittles Godly womanhood -a culture that sees so little godly femininity -to see a young woman dressed in the most feminine, graceful way possible.

I also agree with other posters -you'd be amazed how much more comfortable skirts are, and how easy it is to do all everyday tasks in them! :)

Mark said...

Hi Jaybird,

I love the fact that you describe your decision to wear exclusively skirts and dresses as a ministry to a world that devalues Godly femininity :-). I'm sure your good example has inspired other women and girls to follow His path in this matter.

Regarding your question about button-down shirts, I think the determining factor should be whether they 'pertain' to men: if they do, women shouldn't wear them; if they don't, that's fine. There are many types of garment that can be worn by men or women and only a certain number that pertain exclusively to one half of God's children.

In the case of button-down shirts, I believe they have been worn by women for a very long time, whereas women in pants is a modern, secular invention. Also, the garment is not styled to be particularly suitable for the male or female body. So I think it's fine. But I accept that there are some people who are convicted that they're male attire; if so, females in those households shouldn't wear them.

God bless


Anna Naomi said...

Mark: I have read a lot of discussion on this issue, and I don't believe that Deuteronomy 22:5 prohibits a woman from wearing pants. The verse, however, is confusing to know what exactly it means. However, my family (including my father) doesn't believe that pants are evil. As for me, I've found great freedom and enjoyment in wearing skirts/dresses!

Mrs. Darelina: It's great that your little girl loves wearing dresses! She reminds me of her at her age: always twirling. =) I still enjoy long, "princess dresses"! About sewing, it's never too late to start to learn! It's a great skill to have.

Jaybird: Thank you for your encouraging comments! I also like your reasons as to why you wear dresses - it describes my own reasons quite well! We have a great opportunity to truly look and dress like women. Plus, they're a lot prettier! =)

Paula said...

I would LOVE to know how you made your flannel slip. I only recently heard about these and want to make some myself for my girls and myself.

Anna Naomi said...

Mrs. Paula: To make a flannel slip, I simply used a regular, simple elastic-waist skirt pattern and made it out of flannel. It wears easily under other skirts and dresses. I make it long, but not too long so that it will show. Also, the first one I made was a bit narrow and constricting, so the second one I made pretty full, to allow for easy movement.

Anonymous said...

I am posting this in response to Mark's comments. First of all, I must say I am a mother of a daughter that I am trying to raise quite differently than I was raised and just happen to stumble across this site. I, as a mother of an 18 year old son, 17 year old daughter, and a 15 year old son, was pleasantly surprised at your views and comments on this site. Really there is so many of the comments that really grabbed my heart, but I haven't heard many comments made by males on this subject and it was just very heart warming. It would appear by your post that you have already been praying for your future wife and how God honoring I think that is. I am assuming you are a young man, and I just felt like letting all of those reading and posting here that it is so important to pray and seek like-minded Christians to fellowship with. I pray that all of you always seek after God first and honor Him in all you do. You are all receiving a standing ovation from a mother who really saw the heart of Jesus in so many of your posts. God Bless You All and Mark, please know I do not wear much but pants, but I am still very much admiring a young man who would even address such a topic with obviously such a heart for honoring the Lord.
Mrs. Barton

Naomi K said...

Hi! I don't know if you'll get this seeing as how it's like a year after your post...but I just wanted to say that I love it! I've never worn pants in my life and it's always bothered me when girls say they "can't" do something in a skirt b/c you can if you want to! For me it's b/c skirts are more modest, more feminine, and my parents want me too - I think it would be a lot harder without their support, so it was encouraging to me to hear your story! God bless!

Katie said...

Hi Anna! I am 12 years old and I am almost 13. I go to public school and I have just recently started dressing more feminine. I had 1 sundress and I just got one more yesterday. I also have a more dressy dress that is just past knee length. I also have a few skirts, but I don't wear them very often. I have loved dresses since I was little and wore dresses a couple times a week. About 2 weeks ago, I was deciding what to wear the next day and I thought "Why not wear a dress?" So I wore a dress the next day but I was a little scared of what people would say. Actually, no one said anything and one of my teachers actually told me I looked pretty! :) (It was a girl teacher so no need to worry!) After that day, I have decided to dress more feminine since I love it and I think God would want me to do it. The only thing that has held me back in the past was what other people would think, but now that I'm in junior high, people don't really say anything anymore. :) Congratulations on making the switch!
Love, Katie <3

all4JesusandMary said...

Hi Anna,
I know this is a really old post, so I hope you don't mind me commenting on it. ;-)
For a long time now, I have been considering "making the switch" to wearing skirts all the time. I really would like to, but somehow I'm having a hard time jumping into it. I have started wearing skirts a few times a week (other than Sunday), and plan to work my way up from there. It is so nice to find someone who prefers skirts/dresses, but doesn't think that wearing pants is necessarily wrong!
By the way, about that denim skirt from Walmart... I'm pretty sure I have the exact same one!!! (I got it about 4 years ago)

Have a great day and God bless!